Can Someone Explain These Weird Phone Calls?

I’m very confused can someone tell me what’s going on?

A few hours ago I was sitting on the floor playing Overwatch and my dad was sitting on the couch watching me play, nothing unusual, then I asked him to FaceTime my mom and ask when she was coming home so that I could go put the cat downstairs before she gets home (I’m hiding a cat in the house that only me and my dad know about) she said she couldn’t hear us because her phone was about to die and that she would call us back when she gets in the car, I go back to playing capture the flag on Overwatch and my dad is watching the game again.

15 minutes later no call so we call her and she sounds annoyed and starts yelling at us, obviously we are confused and ask what’s going on and she is mad saying I called her on my dad’s phone messing around with her and doing dumb jokes that I always do, I joke suck up to her when I want something and will say dumb stuff like “aw mother you are so pretty you should win a million bucks” etc etc. she was mad that “I” called her right after my dad hung up the first time and was telling her she was pretty and should take a vacation but that I wouldn’t reply to what she was saying and that I was ignoring her and just doing dumb jokes the whole time.

I never made the call,there are no outgoing calls to my mom other then the 2 Times my dad called but she has her phone showing my dad’s phone called her and while I was playing Overwatch me and my dad were completely silent except for a few “OOOOOOH”s when I would get a cool kill but neither of us were talking.

And I have literally never made those suck up jokes around anyone other then my mom and dad.

Anybody have idea what happened?

Asked by Cinnamon

  1. Hi Cinnamon,

    I also had an interesting experience with mysterious phone calls that occurred…yet, our family never called through our house phone. It was around Christmas time and a previous co-worker of my mom called our house phone (we didn’t have cell phones back then). She said we called and texted her through that same number she redialed to call us back. We were confused but were surprised when my mom talked to her old friend on the phone. I still can’t exactly explain it except maybe that spirits can affect electrical things. The text wasn’t mean, it was a nice holiday greeting and a “hope to hear from you soon” kind of thing.

    Also more recently, we have had phone calls on our cell phones that we don’t make on purpose. As for that, I don’t think is a paranormal thing…I think our phone company needs to make better functioning phones.

    What’s not explained in your case is the conversation your mom had with someone that sounded like you, and to that I don’t know other than maybe other dimension you? Parallel universe you?

  2. Hi Cinnamon,

    I have a friend whose phone rings me regularly, usually from the inside of her pocket because I am the last person she has called before she puts it away. I literally have to yell at her to shut her phone off to get her to ‘hang up’ because it can lock up my mobile (cell) phone and hers.

    It is possible that your mother received a crossed line with someone else, and that the person ringing acts like you do from time to time, which your mother mistook as you, but did you say she has a record of 3 calls from your dad’s phone, or was one of them from yours?

    Otherwise, weird things to happen from time to time, and I am sorry your mum was upset by it. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

    Love & Peace

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