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Where Can I Learn More About Reincarnation?

I just read your blog and website about not getting involved in paranormal websites or people who claim that they are certified paranormal investigators. I agree with you and want to know if you know of a good site to go to to learn about reincarnation. My […]

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Life Before Life?

I vividly remember an occurrence on a soap opera (and everyone knows they don’t do re-runs) when I was very, very young… watching it with my mother and seeing the conclusion the next episode. I had even talked about that with my mom a few times through […]

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Are These Flashbacks Telling Me About My Past Lives?

Sometimes while I’m doing my usual activities like typing my work, washing dishes, taking a bus or just doing nothing there would come a faint black and white flashbacks about people wearing old-fashioned clothes and I could feel that I’m inside of that scene. Sometimes I could […]

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