Dream Of Ghost Then Wake Up To Banging On The Bed

Dreaming of a ghost and then waking up to bed banging three times


I’ve been wondering about this one thing for many years and now finally have the courage to ask. What was this?

When I was at university I lived in a house with four other students, but I was the only one who experienced this. My room was on the ground floor and a street lamp shone into my room so that it was never pitch dark.

For many nights i kept seeing a dream where I was in my room in the dark and I would see a shadow, of a woman, walking around, her hair style and shape of clothes were not modern. It was as if someone was there, but I could only see the shadow. It wasn’t a blurry shadow, it was as clear as i would have cast it myself.

First she would just walk around and gradually she started writing a message to me at my desk, when this happened I would just see the pen move and make out words. Slowly I started remembering the things that she was writing it was about finding someone.
By this time I was super scared and researching on how to use my mind to stop the dream. So the next evening I prepped by doing mental exercises on how to stop the dream, before going to bed.

The woman showed up again in my dream and was writing at my desk like always the same stuff. I told her that she was scaring me and that she should stop, this was what I had practiced earlier and was also the first time I spoke to her in my dreams. I remember her getting very angry and next I woke up to the head side raising from the ground and banging on the floor three times. It was very loud and a really scared me so I hid under the cover. It took me a long time to gather courage to grab my phone from the bedside table and call my dad who spoke with me until it was light and I could finally get out from under the blanket. This was also the first time when I finally remembered the name of the person she wanted me to find.

I tried to think of things that could have caused the banging, but there was none as our house was in a quiet neighborhood at the edge of the city. I finally concluded that it was my imagination. But a few days later my housemate, who lived on the ground floor as well, asked me what on earth had I done a few days back in my room as he got woken up to three really loud bangs coming from my room. So it was not my imagination. I only told him that I don’t know what it was and that I woke up to it as well.

I never saw her in my dreams again and definitely did not try to find the person as the whole thing was so creepy.
What was this?

Asked by Anna


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  1. Hello Anna,

    Quite obviously the lady was asking for help, and when she couldn’t get it from you, she expressed herself physically and left to find someone else to help her.

    What was the name of the person she was looking for? If you still remember you can still help her. Trust me on this, I’ve done it many times before.

    Say this out loud .. “Archangel Michael, you know that the ghost lady who shook my bed asked me to Find …………….. (person’s name). Would you please FIND that person, and then find lady who asked, and TAKE them both into healing”.

    If they are both ghosts they will taken. At the very least the bed-shaker will be taken, and if the one being sought is living, after the ghost has crossed over, they will be able to connect and sort things out. The first thing though, is to rescue your lady ghost – particularly are she’s powerful enough to shake the bed.

    Love & Peace

    Then do the same thing for the friend she is looking for.

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