Fallen Angel And Other Strange Things

I will try to keep this short-ish, but I am going through years over memories and experiences so.. bear with me please.

Background information: Ever since I was a child (before what I personally can recall) my mom said I had been seeing/hearing things that nobody else could see/hear. She and my grandma also said that when I would look over certain people’s shoulder, I would cry and back away as if I was seeing something. As I got older, I saw and experienced more things as if my sixth sense was developing with my age. It wasn’t until my 13th birthday however, when this story all began…

When I turned 13, I began having strange dreams and actually began to have spirits try to communicate with me (both good and bad). One of which is still lingering. The day of turning 13, I remember waking up and freaking out because my clock said 4:02PM. Thinking I overslept wayyyy too much, I quickly sat up and when I did I faintly saw something like a shadow next to my bed. After seeing that shadow, I fell back down onto my bed and then I was “asleep”. I was in a dark room and out of the darkness appeared a man. Very tall, wearing a suit and long black hair that was tied back. He said something like, “I have been waiting for you.” and he reached out his hand. I don’t know why, but I felt scared and I ran way; waking up. When I awoke, the weirdest thing happened: my clock said 1:14PM. However, I brushed it off.

After awhile of absence from said man, I had another strange occurrence. I was laying down on my bed, with my door SHUT. I then fell asleep for a quick power nap and that was when I believe I astral projected. Because I remember stepping off my bed and seeing my body. I then turned around and looked at my room, thinking it was so strange. Then, I heard my door open… Turning around, I saw the same man. When I tried to move, it felt like I couldn’t and I especially couldn’t speak, however when he spoke I could hear him in my head. He walked closer, pulled me towards him and hugged me then when he tried to kiss me, I felt this fear inside me.. I managed to push him away and ran back into my body. When I woke up, my door was open. I asked my dad who was the only one home at the time and he said he had been in the living room the whole time.

The last thing that is IMPORTANT is this: The last dream I had with him in it (about 2 years ago). Everything around me was dark except for a single road in front of me and some light posts on the path. While walking, I heard music playing that was the same music as my favorite music box in my real life. As I walked closer, it led me to a small room that looked like it was filled with things and on the floor was my music box. As I picked it up, I felt somebody come up behind me and when I turned around there he was. All black, long black tied hair, and tall (maybe 6’3″ or 4″). He said nothing, but held out a deep red rose and for some reason I felt compelled to take it. However, as I was reaching for it, I saw HUGE black wings that got cramped in the small space sprout from his back. Seeing this made me terrified and I pushed him, running out of the room. Whilst running away, I woke up and jumped out of bed out of breath and sweaty. Really briefly though, I saw a single black feather floating away.

That was the last dream I had of him, however is he now (and has been) in my waking life. I feel his presence A LOT. He has a certain smell and a very powerful strong presence. He also has taken earrings (one from 3 different pairs), I’ve awoken to the feeling of someone kissing my forehead, I’ve been poked, my hair tugged, brushed against, etc. And sometimes things move, a lot.

One night I was showering and just thinking about the strange series of events when all the sudden I heard a separate voice that wasn’t mine say, “When men began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose.” While I am christian, I never had heard this before so I did some research as it bugged me all night. When I researched, I found the book of Enoch… Now, for some reason I had ALWAYS been curious of fallen angels and even knew of their existence before I ever even learned about the topic for some reason. I then was dead set on this thing being a fallen angel.. and I think I am right. One night while praying and meditating, I asked “Is this a fallen angel bothering me?” and I heard a faint but clear as day, “yes”. I then asked for a name and in bright golden/silver letters I saw “Arakiel” a name that I could have no prior knowledge to. Upon doing research, I found out he was one of the leaders who encouraged angels to come to Earth and take women as wives (he also taught men the signs of Earth).

Last major thing that happened: The night before the Solar Eclipse I felt his presence stronger than ever. It was so much more powerful than I had ever felt of him before. So much so that I couldn’t move, speak, nothing (no, not sleep paralysis, I was wide awake reading a book while laying down). As I felt his presence get closer, it suddenly went away because thank the lord my mom walked in. When she turned on the light, I just suddenly burst into tears and was shaking so much. His presence caused me a full blown panic attack, something that hadn’t happened before. Following this incident, I suffered from dizziness and nausea.

Well, if you stuck around for this long story.. thank you. My question is very simple which is just please put your thoughts and advice for me down in the comments. Why me? What does he want? Why won’t he leave no matter what I do? Has he been around me my whole life because he had told me he was waiting for me when I first met him (yet he felt oddly familiar even though it was the first time seeing him). Please just help >_< I’m just lost and in disbelief really.

Asked by Emale

  1. Hello Emale,

    I am Ama and I understand what you are experiencing. My best advice is to just keep saying no.

    The short version of the story is that there are fallen angels, both in the spiritual planes, and on earth living human lives. The ones living human lives have been redeemed by God and are called to be of service to humanity. The ones who are still fallen, which means they are generally very negative, do not want to let go of those who have turned their back on the ‘dark’, so they will try to drive you crazy, and if you were friends before you were redeemed (or at least companions, given their negative natures), they will try and make you remember them .. because then they can latch onto your energy and feed from it. Which is why I said ‘keep saying no’.

    I suggest you scroll down on this webpage and follow the links through to both the Michael Invocation and White Light Shields. Learn them and use them. The Michael Invocation will make sure the entity is not connected to you in any way, and the Shields .. well, they are a blessing. Get into the habit of using both the personal one and the house one, and that should help the dreams and visions you are experiencing.

    You are not what you once were, any more than I am. We both have to honour our commitment to serve humanity the best way we can. We do not need to put up with irritating entities, red roses or not (symbol of love, btw, but you can generally take it as a trick). If the entity bothering you is simply a ghost, the Michael Invocation will remove it completely, otherwise its designed to bring you some peace.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. I can answer that question but I don’t know if you want to hear the answer. You were selected because you yeild great power but you didn’t realize it up until now. Arakiel wasn’t originally a fallen angel, he was originally the angel of love but he went too far and got into lust. He had specific lust of women of Earth. He wants you specifically because of what you represent to all the angels, fallen or not. If he can take power over you and be his wife, the balance of power in the heavens will be off kilter. It’s all about the balance of power, here on Earth and elsewhere. These beings will not come to you unless you’re putting out some serious energy that is their opposite. What they want to do is supress your light energy and use you as a battery, essentially. Don’t let them.

    Learn about the psychic powers you have and how to control them. At first it won’t appear that you’re gifted but you truly are, Emale. Don’t fear this one, fallen angels and demons feed on negative emotions.

  3. For Lex.. Hopefully you’ll see this comment, I am curious as to what else you have to say about my situation. Is there someway you can expand on what you mean by “He wants you specifically because of what you represent to all the angels, fallen or not” ? I wish to have a conversation with you, haha.

  4. All fallen angel (technically, the word angel was mistranslated as it really means emissary or wartime messenger). All angels are emissaries; good or bad, makes no difference. Now that I have this out of the way.

    Dark forces are attracted to single entities that are of the light forces. Depending on the energy pattern you emit, they can tell if you don’t know what’s going on and that makes it easy for them or if it’s not a good idea and should avoid you at all costs. What I would like you to do is learn how to shield and ground yourself as well as master the skill of discernment. It looks like you have the skill of discernment but it’s not honed as of yet.

    The more power that is emitting from your aura and soul the more of a target you become if you’re not aware and attuned properly the more they will come at and for you. There’s two things at play here, they want your immediate energy, they’re sponging off of your energy field around your body, which is known as your aura. They’re a vampire, essentially, trying to drain your of vital life energy.
    The second and more important feature is, that for the uninitiated light workers (light forces) they become instant targets for negative entities. Depending on how much energy you’re putting out, they can use your energy for themselves and their purposes but there is a larger picture here. What they’re attempting to do is turn you into one of them. The energy you put out can be light or dark, they want dark. You can tip the scales in their favor.

    Something you need to be aware of, like all angels, good or bad (light or dark). They’re all alike in regards to being greedy. They want to get as many people / souls on their side for the on-going war. People who have a very strongly eminanting soul are the ones they want, especially if they don’t know who they should trust or not.

    Honestly, you can learn a great deal from both sides but one should never trust anyone side completely, be your own person and be on your own side.

    A note about demons or other negative entities, you will always know them by their functional title. What I mean by this is their actual mode of operation is what their title implies. You never know their real (secret) name. As a rule of thumb, I can’t stress this enough, never call them by their title name out loud, that will give them power over you. You can break this binding but it’s tough. If you should find out their secret names be real careful, if you don’t know how to “work a contract” don’t use their real name. You’ll be real trouble if you do, they’ll fight you tooth and nail to get you to “shut-up”.

    Using their title binds you them (you’re their puppet), if you use their secret name in a contract, they’re your puppet. It’s just better to banish them from your life and heal up rather than working a contract to obtain power over them. The reason why that is, even the most minor slip up in working a contract and clauses can have dire consequences for you and your loved ones.

    As I’ve said on this site in other posts there are three types of demonic states that occur when they attack you.

    1. Oppression
    2. Repression
    3. Possession

    Oppression is the act of influencing your thoughts and emotions but doesn’t have control over you.

    Repression is the act of influencing your thoughts, emotions and actions but doesn’t have full control over you. What often times happens is you don’t remember what happened in great detail, as if you’re not in the driver’s seat of your personality and body. This is when they’re attempting to possess you but can’t quite do it, you resist them too much.

    Possession is the act of taking over your body, emotions and thoughts, your soul is displaced and the entity has full control of your person and personality, this includes a form of missing time, you don’t remember anything.

    What is sounds like you have is repression because it can seem like a dream state of when you’re being affected by this demon when he’s actually implanting thoughts and emotions into your head to make it “feel” like a dream when it’s not. It’s a subtle form of mind control because your soul is rebeling against him and is fighting him. The difference is that, your mind up until this point isn’t linking to your higher self to comprehend what he’s truly up to, your soul already know. What he’s attempting to do is separate your senses, your cognitive ability (logic and reasoning), your emotional body (how you feel about something or somebody) and isolate them at different levels, so it would be easier to possess you. In other words, it’s a divide and conquer scheme.

    The negative entities know exactly what your weaknesses are, in your case, you have a thing for romance on a soul and emotional level. When you saw his wing, he didn’t show that to you, that was your soul giving your cognitive ability and emotions a hint something was off, to get away from him. Which meant walling him off in your mind.

    Now, a word on light angels; you know them by their canonical names, again, like dark angels they don’t ever want you to know their real names, because you would have control over them, basically, you become their boss. Unlike the dark ones, they have some rules they need to follow, whereas the dark will come in and do what ever they please (for as long as you give them permission, even if it’s through trickery). However, if they’re caught using trickery, that’s some dire stuff for them as it can work against their purpose, if they use it. That’s why they don’t waste any time trying to subjugate you. You can tell the light angels of the negative entity’s violation of contract clauses. There are two types of contracts, the first is governing their ability to interface and control a given person or another entity but they need to follow the contract to the tee, dark forces love to cheat, though. If they’re caught there are two things a light angel can do, uncouple the dark entitiy from you (break the contract, bindings, etc.) and send them to the abyss / hell / the pit or they can do something even more cruel, they can send them into the light to get healing. The second one is really rare but is possible.

    The second contract is what they can and cannot do with you (your soul) and your body, of course they will try to cheat again.

    To reiterate, it’s about gaining access as the first contract and the second contract governs what they can do once they have control of you.

    To make this easier to understand. A person like yourself and the author of this blog can act as amplifiers of energy and capability of negative entities if you allow them to use and subjugate you.

    The one thing that’s funny about this entire war is that the forces constantly vie for favor with the human race and other’s like us. What we call angels change sides all the time, it reminds me of how fake WWE and WCW wrestling is. When you have good characters that become bad for awhile and then go back to being good or vice versa. Sometimes it seems like a television production.

    This is the very reason why you want to be your own person and not trust any one group or side entirely, only you have your best interests at heart. I would suggest using the “The Michael Invocation”, say it with authority and actually mean it. Go over it once in your head before you repeat it out loud, so you get the (breaking of the contracts correct). Also, do it for your husband and kids if you have them, anyone that is under your roof. Even do it for your animals, if you have any. You might have to call in a registered medium that can help you clear negative entities in your home and on your property. They may refer you to what is known as a “Chaos Magician”. It’s a type of a healer that uses different types of rituals to get rid of entities. Not all entities react to Jesus the Christ of Bethlehem, exiled to Nazareth (yes, there is a reason why I put the whole thing in there). Often times when people invoke Jesus Christ, it’s a fictional version of the real Jesus and the same entity can mimick the call for Jesus. That’s why you need to be really careful.

    I’ve encountered a possessed cat once when I was doing a paranormal research and investigation. Let’s just say, it’s scarier than a person that’s possessed. Animals are naturally psychic and hardened at every level, so if a negative entity can do that to them, that’s a problem.

    What you could do is get baptized at a local church. You can speak to a priest in an confessional, let him know you’re under siege and that you don’t want to speak it’s name. He’ll know why, if he asks you to contact someone in the church to give the name of the demon in writing, that person will know not to speak it’s name either. They may want you to get some holy water and spray or drizzle it around your home at the windows and doors. If that doesn’t appeal to you in regards to catholicism, you could go the temple, a local Synagogue. Speaking to the Rabbi there about being under seige about demons, shades, dybbuks, that should get his attention.

    He will want you to write down the name of the demon, he will know not to speak it’s name, of course.
    The demon you are being affected by has a Hebrew name although he’s a lot older than Judiasm.

    Something else. When this started happening to you did you buy something used or inherit from someone else and bring it into your house? Especially if it’s jewelry, you can have spirits and negative entities attached to certain objects. This can be an implied contract of acceptable with negative entities, letting them cross the threshold into your house, life and soul.

  5. Thanks for replying Lex! You have given me quite a bit of useful info, so thank you… I’m not really sure about items like jewelry or anything that had his spirit in it.. Although, I do have an old music box that belonged to my mom when she was a little girl. I found it in my Grandma’s basement when I was probably 9-10 ish? I immediately was drawn to it, without even hearing the music.

    Idk, from since I was little my mom has said I often had seen things. They started off like little twinkles, butterflies too. Then as I got older, they turned into shadows, then when I turned 13 they began to form into actual entries (very clear too) . I started hearing things, hearing clear talking, seeing more things, having more strange dreams, etc. it’s like the older I got, the more mature my senses got as well. What is weird is how the first thing he ever said to me was ‘I’ve been waiting for you.’ And it wasn’t in a sweet tone, it was a menacing tone.

    I should probably mention that I have indeed been given his real name, but not by him. By him, he called himself Christopher. However, I didn’t believe it. My gut said to not trust him… I prayed one night (I made sure no evil entities could interfere) & was given the name Arakiel in large golden/silver hued letters.

    Another thing is that a few new things have happened… I came back from my walk the other day, and when I was taking off my shoes and socks, I thought I saw something fall mid-air by my calves out of my peripheral, but ignored it. I then set my foot down, and there was this sharp pain. When I went to look at what it was, I saw that it was my missing earring! It had been missing for a full year now… but the thing is, it was only one out of the pair. Why did IT suddenly return my earring…? (What’s also weird is my mom had vacuumed that day, so it would had been sucked up if it was there earlier)

  6. Okay, as I understand what you’re talking about.

    Arakiel is the title name of the arch angel, albeit, fallen one. All arch angels have the “el” at the end of their name, it means, “God of” also translated as “Lord of”.

    Arakiel is God / Lord of Earth, which is a title and not his real (secret) name.

    Now, a bit about the name of Christopher, also a titled name.

    Christopher means, “Bearer of Christ”. However, there are many types of Christs. People talk about Christs as all being good and that the anti-Christ as being really bad but that’s not the truth of it. The christ is a mind set or knowledge of and being enlightened. There is no real such thing as the “anti-christ” in regards to Lucifer or Satan, nor the Beast as 616 (the ethereal form of the beast) and 666 (physical form of the beast). How did he get his number? He was the 616th entity to be created and 666th that was created. Some fallen ones have more than one number, as they have something called aspect forwarding, it’s like astral traveling but a lot more powerful. 616 is in control of 666 in the physical reality but 666 can be given commands and then work autonymously.

    Here’s the thing, all angels are of the Christ, even fallen ones. They’re all enlightened, they know history past, present and future if you don’t change the path you’re going on.

    On the light side, in more recent memory of the human race (in Greek and Latin), there are two aspects of the light source (vs. dark source). The two aspects above the arch angels on the light side are; Alpha and Omega. Alpha is female and Omega is male.

    Okay, switching gears here about the earring. To date, you assume the demon returned your earring but that would be a wrong approach. Not all entities are bad, they do move or take jewelry to deliver a message to you. Did you get this earring from someone else in your family? It could be that person that has died and trying to get your attention.

    About the music box, do the Michael Invocation pt 1 and 2 (Heart of Fire) when touching it. Instead of saying “me”, you say, “this music box”. What you’re doing is telling Michael to remove any nasties from the music box if it exists on and / or in it. You may want to use both of the invocations for yourself, your family, pets, house (in each room, including closets and the 4 corners of your property.

    Now, a note about why you saw gold spakles as a kid and butterflies and the older you get the more menacing it gets. When and as a child you’re innocent, you’re of purity, the gentle and safe entities are abundant. As you grow and mature, the evils of the world and nether world draw closer. You hit puberty and the hormones kick in, that is the end of your innocence from the time you were a child. As you move farther and farther away from the innocence, the lost and evil ones come around. The lost just want to be acknowledged and possibly helped into the light or have you help deliver a message to a living loved one that is oblivious of their attempts to contact them.

    Also, another thing, if you’re pregnant or will become such, the demons want to be in place of the soul of that baby. That’s another reason why this could be happening. I could get into the dynamics of demons incarnating as a baby, as it’s a possibility but ultra rare. Now, remember what I said earlier about some demons having more than one number, one as a physical aspect. This is what I mean by physical aspect, it becomes human, takes a human body for it’s own, it can still be controlled from the pit, like a remoted controlled toy. I think you get the idea of what I am getting at and why you want get rid of Arakiel soon.

    As far as the light angel aspects, they co-exist within the body of a human and only make itself known when it’s absolutely necessary. Note; they don’t inhabit holy men and women, there is a good reason for this. It’s just in case the holy folks get out of control and act more evil than good. A true savior does what is good for all not just a few, needs not to talk about it, just does it. No fanfare needed or wanted.

    I do believe Ama may have a way to get rid of Arakiel for you.

  7. Fallen Angel update

    UPDATE, strange things have been happening again..

    1) last Tuesday night I want to say, my mom and I were the ONLY one’s home and at the same time we both heard this low-toned, but loud, growl-ish sound coming from the kitchen. We don’t have any large dogs in our home nor anything in our house that could have made that sound. (Outside was also very quiet & this sound was coming from INSIDE)

    2) so.. you know how in my previous question, I said a few pairs of earrings had gone missing? Well.. it suddenly reappeared, and in the most strange abusurd way possible. I went for a walk with my mom and when we came back home, I did what’s inusually do: take my shoes off at the door, walk to the kitchen table, set my phone down & then take off my socks because I hate wearing socks. As I took m right sock off & set my foot down, I stepped on something sharrrppp and painful. When I looked at what it was, I saw it was my earring (but just one, not two).. what’s weird is: at this point, it has been missing for a full year AND my mom had vacuumed today so if it had been there the whole time, how was it not sucked up? And lastly, it disappeared in my room yet months later was next to the kitchen table perfectly placed where my foot was stepping on?

    3) shortly before my walk ended, the house alarm went off (which is ONLY set off when someone walks in the house, in front of the detector when it’s on and it has to be over 50 pounds.) I’m thinking maybe the fallen angel set it off…?

    Please tell me what u think of all of this.. and what does it mean? Why did he only give back ONE earring and keep the other? Idk.. and if you’re Lex & reading this please explain to me what u meant in my previous question. Ur answer gave me many questions lol.

  8. The answer about the earrings has less to do with the object taken other than they’re personal prized possessions and it wanted you to feel “pain”. It drives and feeds off of your negative energy, including physical.

    The reason why it returned an earring it more than likely was aware I am communicating with you. When I mentioned about any jewelry, that is usually something a demon or shade steals. It wants you to be beholden to it instead
    of God, which is immaterial but nonetheless still very powerful.

    The way demons (2nd density beings) and shades / shadows (1st density beings) operate is they gift you, something they’ve stolen from you, to make it look
    like they’re being nice to you when it’s actually covert hostility. You now
    know that it’s overt in regards to the growl what’s happening.

    The growl is giving you a hint that you’re going in the right direction, not putting up with it’s crap.

    Now, my question for you is, did you make it to church or another holy location to be baptized, to consecrate your belief and love of God or Jesus Christ? If you haven’t done it, you’ll need to do it soon as possible.

    Demons and shade / shadows are like wild animals, when they’re cornered, they get really mean and unpredictable. It’s very important that you follow my and Ama advice, get you and your family, including your mother into the houses of
    prayer. Let them know you’re under siege by the dark forces. The longer you wait the stronger Arakiel will get, that’s not what you want. Praying won’t help you too much in this regard. Other than, pray again, specifically to ask your angels what to do about this abomination and if they can do it for you. Although, you usually need to pull out the big guns for fallen angels, you need all the help you can get. Arakiel is the first to come but he can summon Legion and other, so don’t screw around, this is serious.

    If you get those growls, it’s getting backed into the corner and not happy you’re talking with me and Ama.

    Here is the 2nd Michael Invocation:


    A note about the density, the lower the density in number means there is more of a chance of danger to upper densities. Interesting to note, demons / fallen angels will never admit this but they are afraid of 1st density being, that’s how bad 1st density entities are. The same tactics must be used with both density below our own (our density is the 3rd density). Angels are 5th and above. 4th density is right next to our own, is where spirits and goes reside that are Earthbound (didn’t want to move on or are trapped).

    I have to say this outright to you, you’re in a war right now against Arakiel. The reason why he does what he does, the growling is used as intimidation. As
    you pull away from the negative forces they try to scare you, make you feel as if you’re under his control and ownership. You are under you’re own control, he does not own you. Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael, Aspect Omega, God, myself and Ama strictly forbid him from doing so. For he is using trickery to attempt to control you, he has violated the sanctity of your soul and this is not tolerated.

  9. Thank you Lex for all your help, I feel very relieved… due to personal reasons, I haven’t had time to go to a church however I have a date planned.. I am off this Thursday & that’s when I plan to go see my local pastor. I hope to finally be rid of this evil thing. I’ll be sure to update you if anything strange happens (or if anything gets better) afterwards!

  10. I’m glad you’re heading to church to discuss this with the pastor. He may have to call up higher in the chain of command to see if he would be allowed to conduct an exorcism on you, the house and property. Technically, if Arakiel is bothering you he has an attachment on you and possibly your family.

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