Flash of Light Floating Under My Blanket?

I was in my bed trying to sleep. I decide to roll over to get more comfy and as I pull up my blankets I see a jagged long flash of light just floating under my blanket. It made a crackling noise and you know this isn’t my first paranormal experience, definitely not my scariest either. But I really want to know what it is, because it’s been a while since something paranormal happened to me, and I think it’s time I looked for answers.

Asked by Emily

  1. Hi Emily,

    Do you have wool blankets, or nylon weave ones, or even cotton sheets? I have got sparks off all of them from static. Nothing paranormal (ghostly) about it.

    Love & Peace

  2. I would think that, but the thing was that the spark was as big as my hand. My blanket isn’t wool, or nylon or cotton. It’s 100% polyester.

  3. Hello Emily,

    I also saw a spark of crackling light yesterday evening! I was at Kellogg Park and then this crackling of white light bubbles and sparkles came out from the crack on the ground!!! I was sitting on the park bench thinking about my Twin Soul, Ed, and this reminded me of the fireworks he started earlier for me as we spent our first kiss on. This also reminded me of fairies. There was a light touch of magic in it too.

    So whatever it was, write it down in a journal and all your experiences. Everything. It will tell you what the sparks were.

    I’ve experienced lights all the time in my life, but not like this like it were a firecracker.

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