Ghost With Crown Of Thorns

Hello, a couple years back I woke up to a person hovering above my bed. This person was a female. She was pale, dressed in a white dress and had a crown of thorns above her head. I just hid under the covers and prayed it would go away but when I shut my eyes I could see her in my mind.

Days after this happened there was a car crash out the front of my house. the girl in the car died. I’m not sure if this was a warning that this was going to happen, or?

I have been clueless about this for years and really want answers. please help.

Asked by Zeta

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  1. Hello Zeta,

    A crown of thorns generally relates back to Jesus Christ’s suffering on the cross. Are you Christian and does that mean something important to you?

    A girl ghost wearing a crown of thorns could represent the way she felt about herself before she died – persecuted, or sacrificing herself for God, or she might have been martyred .. the symbolism doesn’t really relate to a lady dying in a car accident outside your home unless she was persecuted in some way, which you have no way of knowing .. so it makes no sense to show you this image in the days before the living person died. A warning is usually about something that is going to happen to us or our family members, or someone famous that we might have some connection with. So no, I don’t think your visitor was giving you a message about the accident – but – it could have been a messenge for you, if you were feeling that way at the time. Only you can know the answer to that question.

    Otherwise, it might simply have been a female ghost passing through, that tried to communicate with you, and when you didn’t respond the way she wanted, she moved on to someone else.

    What you can do for her is help her find peace, if she has not already done so. Bring her to mind and then ask your guardian angel (we all have one) to ‘Find the lady wearing the crown of thorns who visited me some time ago and Take her into healing’. Every ghost still has their guardian angel with them waiting to escort them into heaven .. and that is what s/he will do. We only have to give them permission to act.

    Love & Peace

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