Help Me To Speak With One Who Passed Away

Hello Ama Nazra, this is Ananda from India, my brother in law sreenivasulu is passed away with heart attach on 01/07/2013 at 10.30 from his working place, called kothacheruvu near puttaparthy (prashanthi Nilayam, India) he was most important in my life. He was a roll model to me and I wanted to show my achievements.. in between he gone away.

We had shared so many things and experiences and made many decisions in our lives. I can not forget him. A small gap made us faraway and didn’t communicate with each other.. and myself planned to invite him to my place which he will definitely enjoy… but every thing  gone wrong.

Kindly help me to speak with him at least once though I want to tell my apologies and want to ask his next plan.. please help me out.

Asked by Ananda

  1. Hello Ananda,

    I am very sorry to hear that Sreenivasulu died before you could show him your achievements, and apologise and make things right between you, but truthfully, he can already see you and knows what you want him to know. When we think about our loved ones who have passed over, and you will have been thinking about him a lot, they come close to us, and they speak to us – although we usually can’t hear them.

    If you would like to make a ceremony of talking to him. Find a quiet place, perhaps somewhere you sat and talked at other times, and light a candle, and call him to you .. remember his face and the fun times you shared .. and then tell him everything you want him to know, as if he’s right there beside you. I have done this myself, before I realised I could communicate with ghosts and spirits, and had the conversations go off in strange directions, as normal conversations usually do. I would know then that I really was communicating with the person I loved .. and you can too. We do this to make our heart feel better, because they already know our feelings and regrets.

    And then ask him to come to you in your dreams, or to give you some sign of his presence, so that you know he got the message.

    It does work.

    Love & Peace

  2. hello ama narza….. i’m an indian. i love my grand mother a lot and she too loved me a lot. in fact we seemed to be like mother and daughter. but sadly she died due to sudden brain hamarege. i miss her a lot. to me its like i had lost my soul.i badly miss her. every day from the time of her death i get dreams like i was with her and spendig my time with her and a lovely conversation.once i heard that she will born to me in my dreams from her. is this real.. i try to communicate with her by just assuming that she is with me and i go on converse with her. but i dont know whether she is listing to me or not.i want to listen her words but i was unable to. what should i do now. could you please help me . i would be very thankful to you..

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    It doesn’t matter what culture you come from, we all miss our loved ones once they cross over.

    I’m glad you have seen your grandmother in a dream and know she is all right. I hope she doesn’t reincarnate quite that early, but that is her choice. It is possible she will come as one of your children, either male or female, and you will ‘recognise’ her instantly, and quite clearly, when she does. If you don’t, don’t worry .. we all meet again in the spiritual planes.

    She always listens when you speak, but doesn’t always answer .. and it is us that doesn’t hear well, not them that don’t care. They know we love them, but they also know that its important for us to pass ‘through’ the grieving process, let go and move on with our lives. Spirits do not hang around us, honey, they are not supposed to.

    You don’t say how long ago she died, and I am very sorry for your loss, but let go when you are ready and get on with ‘living’. Show her that everything that she taught you and shared with you over the years, you are using to make your life better, for yourself and for other people. Let her love be the guiding light in your life. We get past grief if we let ourselves, and I know she would want you to be happy again.

    Love & Peace

  4. yeah… thank u ama narza. she died 2 years ago.but every day i se her in my dream. sometimes she is saying to me somrthing in my dreams. but i was unable to understand that. but i strongy believe that she will born to me when i got married :)

  5. Hello Ama Nazra,with reference to your reply mail would like to inform you that my brother in law came into my dreams,three to four times and enjoyed a lot, like when we were in old situation.But third and fourth time his face was little changed and not clearly visible than first and second time.however his voice and conversion filled my heart with great joy.but still i need him to speak personally .Kindly help

  6. Hello Ananda,

    Your brother came to your dreams, which was lovely for both of you, but is unlikely to continue. If you have direct questions you want answered, ask him to come again, but don’t expect it. He has gone into heaven now, and you have to let him go. It hurts to do that, but at least you know he’s fine now, even if he can’t come back to answer whatever questions you had. Life goes on and you’ll find the answers in other ways, if its supposed to happen.

    I am sorry I can’t be of more help.
    Love & Peace

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