Hooting Owls And Knocks

For the past three or four nights in a row I have heard an hooting several; times several times. The owl is always in a different area outside it’s never the same area.

I made a conscious decision to disregarded and not believe the myths about owls hooting signifying death.

I was working on my computer about 12:45 AM my husband was asleep next to me and I heard three Knocks. I jumped up and I woke him and told him it was someone was knocking we got up walked all around look out all the windows there was no one we live in a gated property.

What Can this signify?

Asked by Donna

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  1. Hi Donna,

    Has anyone in your family died recently? Do you have Scottish ancestory? Are you psychic? You might have clairaudience (which means ‘clear hearing’) and so are able to hear what others can’t.

    Apart from that, it could all be a coincidence. Owls mark a territory and will call from one side or another, and if you home is inside its territory, then you’ll hear it all over the place. Get used to it. They do help to keep the number of small rodents down. And the three knocks pattern is happening to all sorts of people, all over the world, all the time, so their real meaning (if it was a death in the family) is long gone.

    If you are worried, you can use energy to shield your home. Scroll down to end of this page and follow the link to White Light Shields, and the Michael Invocation. Read the webpages and use the information to help you feel safe.

    Love & Peace

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