How Do You Get Rid Of A Poltergeist?

One night I was alone at my house and I did not feel like doing a proper say-once, so I just prayed for a spirit to come with a bowl of food.

I requested that if it were here knock on the closet door twice.

I sat there waiting assuming nothing would happen, and then that’s when I seen a black figure moving through the kitchen. I was terrified and shaking, and I watched slowly as it moved to the closet door and knocked twice and I ran into my room and started to read the bible and pray.

I had eventually fallen asleep as of nothing happened.

Asked by Jordan

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  1. Hello Jordan,

    A few questions first ..

    Please tell me what a say-once is?

    How long ago did this happen?

    Do you often see shadowy figures?

    Has the figure been back since, and is anything else paranormal happening around you?

    Love & Peace

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