How Long Do Ghosts Follow You?

How long do ghosts follow you and can different ones follow you?

Since I was in the 3 third grade I’ve known something was always near me. I am now 37 and there is still something there, but it doesn’t seem to be following me anymore it seems to be staying at the house. It use to come into my room until I said it can’t come in my room anymore. In hind sight I should of first said it can’t come upstairs any more. Because it would be in my daughters room. I would wake up and find her lights on and her talking to someone while, she was in her crib/bed, until one night while I was getting my daughter ready for bed, we talked out loud about her friend turning on the lights in her room and keeping her up, and that was not a good thing and that we would like it to stop.

Then there are the things it moves sometimes. They’re not little things like glade candles, they are clothes irons. It likes the computer, the computer will come off hibernate when I come downstairs.

Oh yeah for awhile it loved all the baby toys that flashed, sang, and moved. Once ever toy that did something was on and playing.

So this is why I ask do different ghosts/guardians follow you and for how long. Thanks

Asked by George

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  1. Hi George,

    Ghosts don’t have a ‘time’ they do anything. They exist outside of time, and generally don’t notice its passing. What they notice is the emotions of the living people around them, that attract them in ways that want to make them hang around. As a child you might have attracted another child ghost, who was with you while you grew up, then moved on to another child. You became the adult, to tell him/her what to do, but its still not a good thing ..

    Ghosts should be in heaven, not hanging around people. What I would do is to ask your angels to help:

    “Archangel Michael, please ‘find’ the ghost that has (list some of the things it likes to do) in my home and ‘take’ it into healing”. The Michael are the soldiers and policemen of the heavens and know exactly what to do to help humanity, they just need our permission to act.

    Think of it this way .. how would you to be trapped in time and space, in events that break your heart, and make you feel lost loney and afraid .. I know I wouldn’t. That’s why I help rescue ghosts.

    Love & Peace

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