I need Opinions About Strange Things Happening

Okay, so I’ve been having some strange things happen lately and I can’t tell what is causing them.

One: I am currently looking after brother’s cat as well as my own, and in the middle of the night they will just start growing and hissing at nothing (not creepy at all!)

Two: every morning when I wake up there is a tiny piece of glass by my bed, exactly where I stand up every morning. I’ve tried getting up on another side of the bed, sweeping, vacuuming, I thoroughly searched every inch of my room for glass to no avail, but another single shard of glass always sticks into my foot as soon as I get up.

This is starting to scare me, because as far as I can remember, I’ve never broken anything made of clear glass in my room before.

Please, if you can suggest some possibility, do so.

Asked by Brielle

  1. If you have a possibility to install infrared IP camera or trail camera with infrared in time lapse mode (which allows to record a photo every second or so), then you might see something on them.
    Some can recommend to record the night video in infrared with motion sensor set on high (though motion sensors in cameras are partially unreliable in the detecting of the paranormal).
    If you do it and don’t see anything unusual and the glass shard is still reappearing then it’s really a case for paranormal investigators.

  2. Actually using a trail cam is an excellent idea as the previous person suggested . I catch all kinds of entities and ghost with mine. On the #1 setting

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