Is My Dad Hearing My Deceased Mothers Voice?

My mother passed away and 4 months later my 22 year old daughter passed away after a life long illness. My Dad was married to my mom over 50 years and misses her terribly, he was extremely close with my beautiful daughter also, he helped me with her her whole life.

My parents moved into a house in 77 and the previous owner committed suicide (not in the home) but his young  children left writing on the garage walls asking why he did it etc…

NOW my dad who’s 84 and a Christian has seen my mom laying next to him in bed and lately he’s hearing talking at night but can’t make our what’s being said.

Is this anything to be concerned about or is it because he still misses them both very much and for the first time in his life he lives alone and his mind just playing tricks on him?

I’d appreciate your input, thank you.

Asked by Julie

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  1. Hello Julie,

    I am very sorry to hear about your losses.

    The question has to be asked, is your father developing any illnesses such as Alzheimers or Dementia? That being said, I have been ‘visited’ by my father, my grandmother, my aunt (mum’s sister), my husband’s daughter, and far too many other people that I have no emotional connection with .. some of whom were spirits, many of who were ghosts. As a child some would lie on the bed with me, as an adult they wouldn’t, but they would stand beside the bed or lean over me, or just pop into the room I was in. Or visit my husband in the lounge room at 2.00am, since he doesn’t sleep much .. he sees them too, its normal for us.

    Where your father is concerned, I am guessing that your mother’s place was by his side in bed, and so she visits him when he is sleeping, and they might have a very good talk with each other, when he’s asleep, which drifts over into his waking state too, because he calls to her with his heart all the time, and she hears and she gives him the comfort that she can. We don’t stop being ourselves when we die, we just don’t have a body anymore; and she’ll be waiting for him, when its his turn to cross over.

    What you can do, if you think its really important, is just bring her to your mind and ask her to stop visiting him. She might make that choice if you feel its in your father’s best interest. You haven’t said how he feels about hearing her around. He might get comfort from that. In his waking mind, he might be uncomfortable, but if he’s telling you he’s hearing her as he wakes, ask him what the two of them having been talking about .. you might find he’s also been dreaming about her .. or calls it that. And your daughter might be visiting with them both too, and the she and your mother having a chat while they wait for dad to go to sleep for the night.

    The older we get the closer we get to heaven again. As a small child we may see and sense many strange, wonderful and sometimes scary things, and in our later life that gift might start up again. It’s normal. But if he’s really uncomfortable, you could ask your minister to come and bless the house, so if it isn’t family which he is hearing, whomever is there will be crossed into heaven and find their own sense of peace.

    Love & Peace

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