Is This An Evil Attachment?

Strange experience, not sure how to categorize, curious if anone has had a similar experience.

I was sleeping, maybe had some sleep paralysis, not sure. Was semi-aware that there was a man and two women in the room talking quietly (I was home alone). Man sitting in a corner directing two women who were ‘peeling’ something off of me that covered my entire body (like a second skin almost-one side smooth, the side being pulled off rough, like a cats tongue). I laid there and listened a few minutes, couldn’t understand their language, but somehow understood they were trying to hurry without hurting me, but it was painful in a strange way. I opened my eyes and they seemed shocked that I was aware of them, dropped the thing they were trying to peel off me back onto me and faded away.

I saw the women just a few months ago also, in a dream during a stress full tI’m in my life. They seemed to want to protect me, but also curious of me.

Is this an evil attachment? Spirit guides? Disease? Guardian angels? Should I do something about it?

Asked by BlueMap

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  1. Blue map, it sounds like an abduction. Has
    IF, you have been abducted, ut will continue on throughtout your life. It may sound silly at this moment. However I recommend you see a reputable Reiki Master or highly reputable Medium to determine if you have an implant.

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