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Hello, recently my friend moved into my apartment. In his previous apartment, years before he moved there, someone had killed themself in the shower. A friend of that person that killed them self painted a picture in tribute for them and put it in the apartment. When my roommate moved in, he brought the painting with him, and it is now hanging up in our living room.

Two days ago my roommate and I were playing cards and then when we were done, put them away in the box completely shuffled. The next day we went to go play a card game again. When we opened the box of cards, the cards were in complete numerical and suit order, king all the way down to ace, hearts all the way down to spades. We were confused but just thought that one of us did it to mess with the other. So we played again and put them back.

The next day the same thing happened again. This grabbed our attention as that is the second time it happened. We decided to tape the box of cards shut with the cards shuffled in it and put them in our storage closet in the ceiling rafters. When we went back to check them again today, they were in complete numerical and suit Oder again. We agreed that neither of us have touched the cards or did anything to them. So we taped the box shut again, and put them back up in the rafters.

Today, when we went to check, the same thing happened again. Me being curious and interested, I said out loud “can something else happen that is stronger than just organizing the cards?” At around 5pm we put them back into the rafters, shuffled, taped shut, and then taped the door to the storage room shut to a chair.

Two hours later we looked at the door and the tape was lifted off the door handle and the chair so we freaked out because my roommate and I were with each other when this could’ve happened so we knew neither of us went into the room. We went to go check the cards thinking the same thing would happen, them being in perfect order, but instead, the box was completely empty. The cards are nowhere to be found in our apartment and neither of us have any clue as to where they could be.

We both have admitted to feeling a presence in the apartment and feeling sort of off. Anybody have any input? Thanks!

Asked by Jordan

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  1. LOL

    Oh brother. Your card sharp obviously didn’t think that s/he was being appreciated enough. You even tried to block him or her away from the cards … so they were apported elsewhere. That means they vanished.

    They will probably come back in a while. :-)

    It is possible the ghost is connected to the painting, but just as likely not to be .. so unless anything else more frightening happens ..and don’t ask for it to .. I don’t think you have to worry. Perhaps be more appreciative of the help next time? :-)

    Certainly a story to amuse your friends. :-)
    Love & Peace

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