Please Help Me Figure This Strange Sensation I Get In My Sleep?

Okay, so sometimes when I sleep, I get this weird sensation. It’s like I’m constantly rising, not flying, but floating, maybe? And then suddenly it’s like someone has pushed me into a deep pit. I start falling, and I can very well imagine it.

It’s like I’m falling from a very long height, and my heart starts beating very fast until I’m sure it’ll burst, and then the falling sensation stops, it feels as if my body came to an abrupt halt and I fell on the ground. It’s not painful, but it freaks me out?

What is this thing exactly?

Asked by Shreya Pandey

  1. Hi Shreya,

    My first thought is that are astral traveling or in the brink of beginning to do it. If you want it to happen you must look for information in how to be protected while doing it.

    Happy traveling


  2. Hello Shreya

    I agree with Magaly, you are either just leaving your body, or returning to it a little too ‘aware’ after astral travelling. There’s no harm in either, just think of it as flying, and start trying to control your descent a little. You do that be telling yourself you can .. give yourself permission .. and then slow your descent.

    I once ‘landed’ so hard I felt I broke into a million bits. It was a very weird sensation and lasted all day, even after a friend gave me a massage and reiki to try and make me feel better. That was a very odd time in my life. LOL

    Love & Peace
    Ama :-)

  3. Thanks a lot Ama, so it’s like seriously, our spirits leaving our body? And we only sense it when our spirit enters or leaves our body, can’t we sense something else?

  4. Hi Shreya,

    Yes, astral travelling happens for everyone who is mentally well. Plenty of people train themselves to do it by choice when they are awake, and others ‘wake up’ or become aware, inside a very vivid ‘dream’ and then realise they have astral travelled. As soon as they wake up, even to a small degree, unless they can control the situation, they tend to pop back into their bodies very rapidly .. which gives the ‘falling’ sensation.

    Do some research on the subject on the internet. It’s quite fascinating, and people ‘travel’ all over the world, and into outer space .. I once went from here in Australia to the Great Wall of China, and back in time at the same time. That was an unusual experience.

    Love & Peace

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