Random Ghost In My Dream

I had this house in my dream awhile ago. There was a ghost that was glowing green and she was screaming. She was murdered by a man around about in his 30/20’s. He was wearing a black t-shirt, he was also wearing a light grey short and dark brown  hair. He was a medium size man and he was also skinny. The women looked like she was in her 40’s. She was wearing a wedding grown and she had curly light brown hair and she was tall.

The man dragged her outside to the right side from his house to the front of a tree, the blood was also been trailed to her own body from the house down the deck stairs. He had a shovel and he dug an hole for her and chucked her in it and buried her. He also left the shovel on the left hand side of her grave then he came right in front of my eye in my dream.

She came in my room all of a sudden and walked over me where I was lying on my bed. She was still screaming but not just screaming, she was screaming at something on my right hand side of my bed where I was lying down.

Asked by lyss

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  1. Hello Lyss,

    I feel very sorry for your dream ghost. How often does she visit you .. or did it only happen once?

    What you can do is ask your angels to FIND her and TAKE her into healing (heaven). Since you remember the event so clearly, bring it into your mind again and make the request –

    “Archangel Michael, please FIND the ghost of the screaming lady and TAKE her into healing”. If it was a ghost, and not simply a dream, then she will be found and crossed over .. which is very important.

    Love & Peace

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