Same Demon Dream Over And Over Again

I’ve been dreaming about a demon every night since I was four… he has skin that is as white as a sheet of paper… silver eyes… black hair, he is sometimes seen with wings but mostly with just a silver tail and horns. This demon warns me before something bad happens.


I had a dream that his eyes were bleeding and he was sitting on the stairs of my old school, his head was down but when I got him to look at me he said “Joshua”

Joshua is one of the boys that would come to attack and I would usually win the fight.

The next day Joshua actually tried to hit me with broken equipment.

The more I had dreams of this demon he became more open to me, my dreams of him when I was younger were nice. When I’d touch his tail and his horns I’d actually feel it, if I’d try to eat something I’d taste it…I could smell too.

Eventually I learned his name, Ren.

He’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen, flawless.

Now here is something strange…he’ll warn me and cheer me up most of the times in dreams…..and then out of the blue would do something cruel like attack me or do inappropriate things toward me. It’s like there was this switch that made him snap and just act nastily toward me. Did I mention I feel EVERYTHING in dreams about him? I feel when he hurts me!

After he snaps out of his “crazy” act he’ll always ask me to kill him. Why? If I don’t answer (as always) he’ll either attack me again or drive a blade into his stomach right in front of me. Telling me “You didn’t listen to me”
All these dreams are weird but the warnings come true.

Once in a while he’s seen with more demons (always male :/ ) with different horns and tails, I always remember a blonde one with deer antlers and a tail with some sort of fur or feathers on it. They’ll always be doing the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen.

They’re either doing drugs, hurting each other, or nastily kissing each other.

These dreams won’t stop. I’m now made fun of and called evil by friends because of this

Asked by Reicheru

  1. Hi Reicheru,

    If you didn’t tell your friends what you see in your dreams you would not be made fun of. I understand the need to share the experience, having had my own, but its smarter just to keep it to yourself. Start a diary. Write down every experience, and remember to date them, so that you can check them again later as a way of sharing what you have seen and felt, but keep it to yourself.

    As to not killing the demon – you can’t kill them. They will exist forever, just as the angels exist forever. Asking you to do that, if you did it, particularly over and over again, would change something in your nature, your personality, that would make it easier for you to attack other living people, so don’t do it.

    Do you go to church? Have you talked to a minister or priest about the dreams? They might be able to help you find a way to stop them, but its also likely that you may always be sensitive to outside entities, but being blessed by a priest might be a good idea. They don’t all think we are completely crazy, when we say we see demons, these days. And the Catholic church has trained a lot more exorcists (called ‘deliverance ministers’ in other churches) in the last few years.

    Below this message is a link to the Michael Invocation and another to White Light Shields. Read the webpages and follow the instructions, to use both to help protect yourself. And don’t let them con you. They are just trying to upset you and fed off your angry or frightened emotions. Big ask, but then you will only grow stronger through the experience.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Nope…..don’t go to church

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