Speaking Unknown Language In Sleep?

I’ve always had issues with walking and speaking in my sleep but my girlfriend recently told me about something strange I did the other night.

She said I sat up and crossed my legs and stared at her with a very malicious look and started repeating a short sentence in a very aggressive tone before I pointed at her as I laid back down then went back to sleep.

We’ve no idea yet what the language was but she said it sounded like Latin. I plan on getting a recorder so I can listen back to what I say if this happens again and hopefully get a translation.

Does anyone know what this might be?

Asked by Anon

  1. Hello Anon,

    I think your girlfriend is very brave, to sit through what she did. It is possible that some entity, such as a ghost, borrowed your sleeping body for a moment, to say something to her, but since you do not know what the words were, even with the gestures, you cannot really know whether it was advice, condemnation or a threat. No matter what it was, I suggest that you use the Michael Invocation to first clear your energy, and then again to clear the energy of your home, so that experiences like this do not repeat themselves. It’s not a game. Some people are vulnerable to trance-mediumship without knowing how to do this safely. You would not like it to escalate into something you cannot control.

    Links to the Michael Invocation and White Light Shields are at the bottom of this webpage. The instructions are on both webpages. They will help everyone in your household, particularly if something nasty is hanging around trying to take advantage of unwary, or even ‘curious’, mediums such as yourself. Please be careful.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Anon, im Kylynn Miller. I know what your going through. Every night at my house im in my room and I hear my little sister in her room saying weird things. When I go in the she is standing straight up pointing at me and saying ” Your going to have a little friend come say hi while your asleep.” Alot of this happens andI can’t control what goes on with paranormal spirits. I hope you keep yourself safe while any of tihis happens. It may not be easy but just try.

    Hopes and Friends,

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