Spider Web Sensation On Face at Old Montana State Prison

During a recent visit to a very active location (Old Montana State Prison) I experienced a strange sensation that felt like I walked into a spider web or cob web. It was limited to the left side of my face and lasted about 45 seconds.

The reason I thought it unusual is that there was no web. I tried clearing of my face using both hands and the sensation would not go away. Frustrated because I could not get it off my face, I asked my daughter to look at my face and tell me what was there. She couldn’t find a trace of anything that would explain the feeling.

Old Montana State Prison

I realize there are medical explanations to such a sensation but I do not have any medical issue that would explain the event. It has not happened before or after this event. Is that spider web sensation something that can be associated with paranormal activity.

Have others reported similar occurrences when visiting an active location?


Asked by Dave

  1. Ive been through that prison and what you describe could possibly be paranormal. In the main cellblock my wife and I both had an eerie feeling. In the same room is the Galloping Gallows, possibly it could be haunted. I imagine many people have been executed on it, and maybe something stayed behind.

  2. There’s a pub near Angel Station in London England that was creepy as blazes, one day when we went there to be part of a Reiki practice group. I walked into something like that spider’s web and was sick as a dog hours later, because I didn’t wipe it all off, nor cleanse my energy the way I should have. If a person is going to go ghost hunting, or visit haunted locations, or even old pubs, it might be a good idea to remember to use psychic protection. I’ve also experience the spider’s web in other locations .. what manifests in reality begins in the spirit planes .. and there are spider entities spinning webs everywhere .. we generally just don’t sense them. They are not always negative entities.

    Love & Peace

  3. Thanks for the reply Gary and Ama. My daughter and I are returning to the prison this weekend and will bring some equipment this time. If lucky we might catch an EVP or have a positive communication. I have no doubt that energy exists here and perhaps a spirit would like to make something known. The curators at the prison have many interesting stories of their personal experiences at the prison. Thanks again!

  4. I am heading back to the prison tomorrow night for a ghost tour at 9:30 pm and then unstructured prison access until 2:30 a.m.
    Will be conducting primarily EVP sessions in conjunction with K meter. Will follow-up with a summary of any findings. We have had a lot of responsive k meter activity during a few visits this summer. Hoping to capture an EVP or two tomorrow.

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