Strange Lights In My Rental

I have been seeing these strange lights in the trailer I have been renting. They are usually blue or white in color, though my roommate and I have seen them in orange or red on occasion.

I would describe them as orbs of it were not for the tail of light that fallows them and they can be seen with the naked eye.

My question is what are they and do they mean anything? They are only seen in two rooms in my home and they usually flee frantically and disappear into nothing when we walk in the room or see them.

Are they ghosts, angels, demons?

Asked by Jessica

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    You forgot one entity .. fairies. They like to travel in little balls of light. Ghosts, demons and angels don’t bother, they are in the ‘here and now’ .. fairies love to play games, are as fascinated with humans as we are with them .. and visit, and borrow things, and bug the cats ….

    Love & Peace

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