Strange Night Time Experiences And Handprints

Hi my names Freya and my boy friends name is Tom we have lived together for 2 and a half years now and ever since he has had disrupted sleep or woke up feeling under the weather or with handprints.

For example one night he had a dream he was watching hinself sleep hovering over the bed and he watched himself sit up and someone came into the room and gave him a box. And for a while he sat with the box until someone else came in the room and knocked over a bottle from the bed side and took the box from him. He woke up in the morning feeling more tired than he did before going to sleep and the bottle was under the bed!

In addition he wakes up with a variety of hand prints on his body and most of them stay for at least a couple of hours to half a day. The most recent one, which happened last night, looked like a very small handprint almost child like and also a shoe print on his stomach. I have taken pictures and they are very vivid.

Another time the handprints were huge wrapping around his whole arm with very long fingers and he wakes up with numb arms.

I cant find anything that looks as real or as convincing as his online and I am just curious as to what it could be and if there was anything that he could do to stop it and sometimes he wakes up feeling drained! Can you help? thank you Freya.

Asked by Freya Stone

  1. need to look at the place where you live and see if something happened there.Another it sounds like you have a “vampire spirit” lurking there.I’d check into it because he could very well get worse.

  2. Hi Freya,

    People are getting a lot of handprints (and other prints) these days. They write to me from all sorts of sites about it.

    To start with .. the small prints are probably kids. The big ones .. how big is big .. bigger than human? I know one lady with an elemental being bothering her (a nature spirit) that has long thin fingers. We don’t think it means any harm, its just hanging around. Tell the thing to go back outside, that’s where it belongs. They just suffer from curiosity about humans, the way we are curious about them.

    What sort of dreams does Tom have? It sounds to me as if he’s astral travelling, as well as dreaming. That happens naturally when we sleep, our spirit, which does not need as much rest as our physical body, leaves the body and goes places. It might just stand in the room and watch itself, particularly if the mind of the person is not deeply asleep enough yet, so it would see if a ghost came visiting. The box .. could have been a gift, or could represent something that Tom needed to have? Does he remember if he opened the box in his dream?

    And if you astral travel a long way from your body you will wake up feeling exhausted. I have done that for far too many years. I am a very busy ‘spirit’ person. LOL

    White light shields .. you’ll find a link to them at the bottom of the page. Learn both, the personal ones and the house one .. and use them both, and see if that helps to stop the visiting entities from touching him. Where astral travel is concerned, Tom has to tell himself, clearly, three times in a row before lying down to sleep, that he is to stay in his body tonight. Do that for a week, and then see how he feels. We have to reprogram our minds at times, when we are stretching our energy too thinly.

    BTW, the shields will also stop any entity from draining your energy, so if any ghost (or vampire spirit?) is floating about that should stop too. Put them around you once a day .. I suggest that people do it when they shower .. and renew it each time. See how things go after that.

    Love & Peace

  3. Hello Amanda,

    Nice to see a new face on the site. Could you please explain what you mean by a vampire spirit?

    Thank you,
    Love & Peace

  4. They are the spirits who are need the energy to exist in our plane.This one can drain the body of energy and leave them tired.

  5. If he is psychic maybe too he is leaving his self open to these spirits.Some people or more in tune with their surroundings than others.We see and feel what others can’t.He may have to learn to control these feelings better and not be afraid.It took many years for me to learn how but once I did they don’t bother me anymore. I still hear them and feel them but if I act like they don’t bother me ,they go somewhere else.The only thing I won’t do is touch people cause I see what they have either done or going to do.The box in question could also mean he feels he is in a box and it’s suffocating him.The spirit takes it from him to keep him feeling that way.

  6. I agree. Only I don’t define them the same way.

    All ghosts (people who have died and ‘not’ gone into heaven) need human energy to remain on this plane.

    All demons ‘want’ it, they don’t need it, they have their own source.

    Elementals (nature spirits) don’t need it, they draw it from the earth.

    Spirits, to be quite specific, are people that have died and crossed into heaven, they also don’t need the energy of humans because they are reconnected to Source.

    I do wish the bible would not call anything that isn’t living a ‘spirit’. It just confuses people. :-)

    Astral lavae, which are definitely not spirits, drain people as well, but they don’t usually leave hand or shoe prints .. that sounds like a little ghost to me. Kids can be hungry too, when they are lost and alone.

    Freya, would Tom be willing to learn to cross ghosts into healing?

    Love & Peace

  7. Hello Amanda (and Freya and Tom)

    Every person is psychic to varying degrees, regardless of whether they sense things clearly or not. When humanity were primitive hunters we had to ‘know’ our environment, and being able to feel things around us was part of our protective system. It is usually instinctive, but these days it is more developed, or people are developing it more by choice. So many kids are being born really ‘tuned in’ too, its lovely to see.

    As you said, some people are more aware now .. but some of them have the gift and have no idea what it is all about, but the ghosts can still ‘see’ the person is gifted, so go to them for help, or food, or just to get their attention. And if a person astral travels a lot, ghosts, or other entities might follow them home.

    I was thinking about Tom’s case and wondered if the hand prints and shoes .. and fingers .. aren’t manifestations of his astral adventures. I used to come back to my body with bruises and the occasional scratch. I know of others who do the same.

    I understand about not touching people. I learned to turn my gifts on and off, so that I wouldn’t be sharing everyone’s secrets. The only time I can’t do this is when I get headaches, or I am sick, then I tend to just stay away from everyone, until I feel better. Sensory overload can be exhausting, and sometimes frightening. Another reason for living in the country. :-) Cities wipe me out.

    I agree the box might have been a manifestation of his subconscious mind. I wonder if he recognised the person who gave him the box. And was he frightened to open it? Information like this helps a person to analyse their dreams, to find out the true meaning behind the symbols. And what did the box look like? Was it wooden, metal, a gift box? How big was it? And how did he feel when it was taken away?

    Would Tom be willing to answer the questions, Freya?

    Love & Peace

  8. Hi thankyou for all your replies.

    I have just read the comments out to toms he told me he felt he was guarding the box and it wasnt for him he was holding it waiting for someone else to come and get it and the box was wooden. He has told me he used to see people when he was younger and chose to ignore it because it scared him . I think he tries to do the same now and he doesnt like to “believe” anything even though its blatantly infront of him .
    The small hand and footprints were after a dream about me giving birth to a girl and dying from it. ? Doesnt sound nice :(
    do u think anyone is trying to tell him anything ?

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