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How To Get Rid Of Evil Spirit From Using EVP?

I have been using an EVP device and unknowingly been speaking with someone very evil, I need help. I lost a loved one back on Christmas day of 2006 and have had a very difficult time with the loss. I carried on however, found a new love […]

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What Is An EVP?

I am fairly new to reading about ghosts and the paranormal. Earlier this morning I read a story on another site and the person was talking about an EVP and a demon that was talking to him. I was like WHAT? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Now I […]

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I Need Help Whispers Are In My Head

It started with an EVP on my cell phone. Now the whispers are in my head calling my name over and over telling me to do things! I can’t sleep! Help! Asked by Judy

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