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Why Do I Have a Bruise After Lucid Dreaming?

i am not an expert when it comes to lucid dreaming, I have been able to catch myself dreaming and interact with my environment such as changing colors on the wall or continue to fly in the air when I feel like I’m falling. I can tell […]

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Is He A Demon, Fallen Angel Or A Spirit?

What is happening to me? This first started 2 years ago. I was laying in bed one morning when I woke up and looked at my alarm, it said 8:30AM and I freaked out, because I was late to school. I tried to get up real fast, […]

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Do Werewolves Only Appear During The Full Moon?

Hi everyone. I was lucid dreaming the other night and, during that ‘dream’ I met with a witch and a man claiming to be a werewolf. The man started to transfigure before my eyes to which I shouted “hang on, the full moon was last week! How […]

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