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Is There Something Paranormal Following Me?

Hello. My name is Jace, and I always get random scratches all over my neck and back. They’re much like cat scratches – yet I don’t have a cat. They appear sporadically and in no particular pattern. I usually find them when I wake up in the […]

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Mysterious Scratches And Other Marks

This did not happen to me or my child but, my sister asked me to look into this for her. So here is what happened. My sister was visiting a home she was looking to buy. Her 10 year old daughter went with her. They went to […]

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Why Do I Have Mysterious Scratches On My Body When Waking Up?

I woke up today and seen some fresh scratches on my forearm on a downward position 3 scratches. And I was wondering if you could please help me? Thank you in advance Asked by James

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