The Voice That Is Calling My Name

Sometime when I walked on streets or studying in the classroom, I heard a voice that calling my name on my back. But when I turn back, nothing was there at all. And the voice starting to get stronger and stronger lately. I kinda freaked out so I don’t know what to do.

Can you help me? Can you give me some kind of ritual so I can find out where is the voice come from?

If you have it, I will be thankful. Oh and sorry for my bad English.

Asked by Trung

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  1. Hi Trung,

    Does the voice sound or ‘feel’ familiar? Is it male or female? Does it say anything apart from call your name?

    When I wander around in noisy places, like the supermarket, I sometimes hear my name called .. quite clearly, as if directly into my ear, or behind my back .. and no one living is there when I turn around. Mostly I just ignore it. Sometimes a sound, which seems to be your name, can be created by the combination of sounds around you, and sometimes its your guides or angels calling you, or calling your attention to something, so it would be good to see if it happens regularly, such as when you are studying one particular subject .. or at a certain time of day .. or if your mind starts to wander in class, so that it might be that the caller is trying to draw your attention back to what you are supposed to be focusing on. Keep an eye on when it happens next, and see what you were doing when you hear your name again.

    If you’ll answer the questions we can move on to what to do about it.

    Love & Peace

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