What Is This Cat In My Nightmares?

Since I was five years old, I have always had a knack for seeing things others around me cant. Whether it be extra dimensional or spiritually. And I was plagued with nightmares. (Some of these “nightmares” are waking) they are always different. But this one in particular followed me for years.

It started as a fear and a picture in my head of a large black cat. This cat had only  spot of white on its chest, and was about as big as a bobcat. But, the trait that frightened me the most was the fact that it has two dark and scarred holes where its eyes should have been. It was blind and some how it was still able to stare at me, from the edge of the bed. When I closed my eyes and tried to drift off, a nightmare would follow of this cat pouncing on me, scratching its way into my chest. I would wake from my nightmare with pain in my chest, but no marks. And this happened every night, when I was a little girl and died down about a year later.

My mother had told me that she remembers this cat and my sister used to tell her that she played with it late at night, but when I asked my sister, she told me that she didn’t remember it at all. I am 25 now and had the dream about him. But, this time, it just sat there, always in the corner of my dream, watching me with those dark holes in its head.

My question is, what is it? He isn’t just symbolism, it feels like this cat is more then that.

Asked by Lamia

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  1. Hi Lamia,

    I wonder who hurt the cat in that way. Human beings can be very cruel. It might have been someone in your mother’s family. Did she tell you ‘why’ she remembers the cat? Or was it haunting her as well?

    What you could do is bring the cat to mind and ask your angels to FIND it and TAKE it into a healing place. It’s a simple enough request. All being well, the next time you see it it will have pretty eyes and perhaps not be so angry. Animals have a heaven too, its not often they don’t go to it when they die.

    I’d also suggest you do this, so that the cat doesn’t haunt your children too.

    Love & Peace

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