Why Am I Dreaming Of Tribal And Light Entities?

I am a vivid dreamer, experience lucid and precognitive dreaming and somehow have access to information that I wouldn’t normally know. I have also seen people from my dreams that I have never met before. I do not keep a dream journal as I have the ability to retain the dreams often for many years afterward but this could be as a result of the dreams being typically weird and often frightening. It is the good dreams that serve as warnings to me that something is up rather than the frightening ones. I am explaining this so that you can understand where I am coming from.

I have had a dream where I am walking up a forested mountain trail and stop in a glade that has a circle of people all around it. They are kneeling and chanting. I join the circle along with a few others. In the centre is a tribesman or shaman with a long shield and a fire. To the top right side is a totem pole. The shaman moves along the line and stops in front of me and says, “you”. Next thing I know there is a light/presence behind me and it rushes forward entering my body through my back. The force has me throwing my arms out wide and screaming as the pain from my back is excruciating.

When I woke I found that my mouth was still open as though screaming and I had reached up with my arms wide. I have never been able to explain this dream or why I have always felt connected to another soul since then. If anyone can help explain what this dream could mean or be I would be most grateful.It also felt real rather than lucid or simply vivid.

Asked by Kaylon

  1. Hello Kaylon,

    .. and who were you in a past life? It’s very foolish to allow another entity to inhabit your body, but since you joined the circle, and the chant, you obviously gave it permission, or the shaman permission, to allow it to join with you .. since it doesn’t appear to have taken over .. or has it? Do you remember anything else from that ‘dream’, feelings, sounds, sights, words, smells .. you see, that is why, when a person dreams as vividly as you do, its important to keep that diary .. because regardless of how well you ‘remember’ something, the human mind adapts memories over time, sometimes almost immediately .. and if its written down before that happens, then you can go back and reread all the nuances you have forgotten unintentionally.

    There are many societies on the planet that allow the ‘gods’ to channel through them. They open themselves to outside entities, which enter and then make them do thing, or say things, they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Some of these entities are benevolent, many of them aren’t. Since the joining caused you so much pain, I would suggest you were either not ready, or in some way not willing, to be host – there can often be a difference between what we think we want to do, and what we actually want to do. Or you could have been in fear of the situation .. personally I would never allow it to happen, since you cannot guarantee the nature of the entity, and it would certainly not be a Light being, because they do not inhabit people, even when channelling messages.

    So my questions are … who is the other ‘soul’ you feel connected to? And how does it affect your life? And, given a choice, would you break the connection, or have the entity removed, if it is inhabiting you? A person can be followed from lifetime to lifetime, but we do not have to accept the ‘connection’ in each of them, regardless of what an entity might tell you.

    And then there is astral travelling, where odd things can happen, but we do not need to bring those events back with us into our physical bodies, if we don’t choose to. Since the dream, what has changed in your life, or energy?

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Ama,
    thank you for replying. There was no fear in my dream. The shaman/tribesman moved along the line as though trying to choose until he got to me and I was selected. I do not feel, then or now, that the entity meant to cause pain when merging rather it was a result of the sheer force of it. I am not a religious person so do not view other entities as malicious. That is not to say that if they exist they are good but rather they,like humans, are capable of both and how we respond to them has similar outcomes to that of ordinary human contact/friendship.
    I do not recall my past lives so I cannot answer that question. Since the dream I have felt more balanced and my outlook on life has changed completely for the better. If this is a result from the dream merge then I would say it has been a positive influence in and on my life. If I lived in a country where tribes/shamanism was relatively normal then I would understand the connection better but I don’t and it is baffling to me. The light entity did not take on a humanoid form but was a swirl of light energy (that is the best way I can describe it). My other senses have always been active in my dreams so when I recall a dream I recall the associated sensations as well. It has always been that way for me. Any details I might forget are immediately forgotten upon waking so a dream journal would be no use with that. For example, I recall the totem, know that there were 4 things carved into it, a strange bird, a human, but the other two I forgot and the order that they were carved in. I recall being intrigued and happy when I joined the circle and a little nervous when I was selected just as I would have been in a conscious state had that happened to me. I do not consider myself clairvoyant or gifted as I view time differently and accept that certain information can be revealed in dream states because of the minds ability to recognise and suspend the regular conscious time rules. I am used to weird/strange dreams but this one felt completely different.

  3. Hello Kaylon,

    Another concept for you to consider. At times during our lives a part of the ‘self’ might separate and become ‘trapped in time’, because of a traumatic experience. Reintegration of this missing ‘part’ (sometimes from previous lives) helps a person feel much as you described … a self of regaining balance, a sense of healing or peace.

    It could be that the people you saw in the circle were members of your spiritual family, or your guides and angels, who shared this part of your journey with you, and helped provide energy to allow you to heal.

    It might also have been that you lost that part of yourself during the lifetime that you lived as one of that tribe of people – and so had to go back into the memory of the lifetime to get that part of yourself back.

    Time is an illusion, shared by the collective human ego. When we are on the spiritual planes, either astral travelling or between lives, time does not exist. And for people like me, it almost doesn’t exist, as I have no sense of time passing .. so have to clock watch. LOL

    You had a fascinating experience. I hope you remember it forever.

    BTW .. with the dream diary. Keep the book beside the bed, and fill in the details before you sit up and put your feet on the floor. You can train yourself to remember them more clearly that way, before you ‘ground’ and rejoin the ‘real world’. :-)

    Love & Peace

  4. Hi Ama,

    Psychologically the splintered self would make some sense and why it didn’t and doesn’t feel like me but another soul.

  5. You are not the person now, that you were when the part of the ‘self’ broke away. If it is a negative entity you could remove it, and it might be a good idea to clear your energy, before trying to reintegrate the entity.

    You could do that with the Michael Invocation (link at the bottom of this webpage) .. and if nothing changes in your energy, then do a meditation to check yourself, see if everything in your energy is the way you want it to be .. and move on.

    Love & Peace

  6. Hi Ama,
    As I said in a previous comment it has never been a negative influence in my life do I don’t need to psychologically cleanse myself. I was looking for a possible explanation to the dream and entity. This may have been answered in part so thank you.


  7. After thinking about the various dream elements, I realised that the 5 elements were there and that it made sense if I looked at it as ancestral earth magic. Fire, earth, totem providing air and spirit and myself as water. The circle and shaman also completed the dream imgery. Not sure why I dreamed this but I now have an answer that makes sense in many ways.


  8. I am pleased to know you have sorted this out. :-)

    Love & Peace

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