Why Am I Having These Horrible Dreams?

I’ve been having some absolutely horrible dreams lately. Most of which I feel are things visiting me in my sleep.

Just last night I was in the huge house, and I ran downstairs to use the bathroom, I called out to my partner because I started feeling scared, he came down and we started hearing a piano playing, but there was no piano. So we freaked out and bolted back up stairs.

Later in the dream I seen this huge spiky black figure tht made me so horrified that my body went into a panic attack and I couldn’t move, I froze and cried and my partner and friend couldn’t see this entity at all but it was right in front of us all. They had to carry me out of the room. It’s almost like I was paralyzed.

And throughout the whole night in my dream in that place, that house, I was experiencing extreme paranormal activity. I’d never ever been to that house before but it was one scary bloody house, really old. Actually I’ve been experiencing a heightened sleep experience almost every night lately, it use to be occasionally but now it’s almost every night. My dreams are so real it’s absolutely horrifying.

I had this one other dream that was just, ridiculous, I could sense and hear the entity but I couldn’t see it and it told me it was “him” you know, the fellow down there. And he was moving directions really fast and there was this Mexican couple that screamed with freight and we couldn’t run, I remained calm even though I was horrified and started to do the Michael invocation in my dream.

Why am I having these dreams?

Asked by Tanaya

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  1. Hi Tanaya,

    What are you watching on tv, video or at the movies? Even years after the events, our subconscious minds retain the images and feed them back to us in times of great stress, to add to the load we already carry in our conscious minds.

    If was to analyse your dream for its symbolic meanings, I would be asking you about your physical and emotional health? I would be asking about trust issues – you trusting yourself and others.

    And then I’d suggest you tell yourself you will not be astral travelling tonight, or any night, for a few months, just to have a break, in case it is astral travelling. The world energy is very dark right now, and sensitive people are suffering as we are being asked to clear our energy of trapped past emotions and fears. The fears are from the foundations up, through emotions, through decluttering our minds of past images .. and by looking at who we ‘were’ and who we are choosing to become.

    Each night before you lay down to sleep do two things – say “I will not be astral travelling tonight”, and wrap the white light shields (at the bottom of this webpage) around yourself and your home separately. Hopefully then you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

    Love & Peace

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