Why Do Ghosts Go To Certain Houses And People?

So like other ghost stories……I hear footsteps walking up the stairs when no one is around, someone pacing inside my room. But a few other occurrences I need help on.

When I was 5, I was obsessed with the paranormal. Which probably wasn’t smart because I was a kindergartener watching demonic things happen on the TV. But anyways. I loved the movie Casper and wanted my own ghost friend. So I would run upstairs and play in my room with my ghost friend. Nothing happened the first few times but that was because I was asking him to lift my bed and stuff. So I eventually decided for him to move a giant, feathery pink scarf I had hanging on my wall. I pointed to a feather on the left side of the scarf and I said “Move that feather.” The feather started shaking like someone was breathing on it or pushing it up and down really fast. Now mind you, all the windows were shut and the AC was not on. I would have felt the slightest draft. I said thank you for doing that to the ghost. Now this is where things get weird. I asked him (I always kind of knew it was a him, but I’ll explain that later.) to move a feather on the opposite side of the scarf. And the feather shook like the one before it. I then asked it to stop. It did. I asked it to move again. It did. “Stop.” It did. And I asked it to move at completely random times. Another time, I heard nails scraping on the bottom of my bed for the whole night. I thought it was just my bed creaking but that’s the first and only time it has ever happened.

So I have a friend who can see people that aren’t really there. Her mom took her to a therapist (I think that’s what they’re called) to take her in to talk about her talking to herself. (We were 14 when this occurred. And as I write this I am 15.) Anyways. I texted her after the appointment and she said it went horribly because the lady gabe her weird looks the entire time. I said nothing was wrong with her (lets call her Emily). Emily said “I know there isn’t but my family sees me talk to myself all the time.” I asked her who she was really talking to and she listed off about 10 names. Over the next few days at school I acknowledged her friends. Such as asking where they were sitting in class as such. Then I turned towards the door in science class and an immediate wave of dizziness came over me. I almost fell off my chair and puked. I wrote Emily a note and asked her who was by the door. She told me Lucy. And that she had a tough life and just leave her alone because she doesn’t like strangers. I never saw Lucy but my headaches told me when she was around. Anyways. I asked Emily if she could have one of her friends come over and check out my house. I told her that I knew someone was there but I needed her to tell me it was safe. (The last couple nights I had a reoccurring dream about my basement where something black with white eyes always watched me.) So she sent a friend over (I probably sound crazy) and she texted me saying that they talked to the ghost. He was a boy (as I could always sense) and he was about our age which was 15-16 years old. I’m afraid to give his real name just because I don’t want to prevoke anything. But we will call him Sean Walker. Because that’s close to his real name. Emily said that the friend she sent over said the boys name was Sean Walker and he had a rope burn around his neck. “Probably a suicide.” He likes anything sweet but cake and likes my bedroom the most and sits by the window and door. I always wanted a guardian angel so I asked if he was it. “No. He’s just a ghost.” And she would provide no further information due to her friend not being able to get any more info from Sean. I didn’t get any more explanations. Just who he was and what he liked. I also told her about the nails against my bed that night but she didn’t say anything about it.

After that, I acknowledged his existence. When Halloween came by, I got 6 pounds of candy. I told Sean he was welcome to all the candy he liked. (Don’t judge me) I came home and ran over to the candy jar and lots of candy was missing. Like 10 pieces to make a noticeable dent. My parents don’t really like candy and I knew for sure I didn’t eat any. Another day, I was in a rock climbing class at school and came home to practice some knots. I went home and thought I’d build a noose. Because a girl in my class earlier was joking that since we were becoming knots we could make “WHATEVER we wanted.” And she built a noose. I was completely stupid for doing that. The atmosphere just changed in the house. I knew Sean wasn’t happy with what I had done but I just couldn’t apologize. I thought it would blow over. It didn’t. He was angry. So I took the noose and went up to my room. I untied it, and threw it underneath my bed. I apologized profusely and the atmosphere changed. I got a bungee chord chair days later. He would sit in it because at night I could hear the chords getting sat on. And no one was in the room but me. I would tell him goodnight and go to sleep, knowing I felt safe. Sean has never hurt me, just makes his existence known. If I’m happy, he’s happy. He will just radiate emotions. I don’t really know how to explain it.

My story is almost to a close but I have one last thing to tell. I was home alone and I just felt like I was being watched. My dog was inside her kennel sleeping and the door was open. So I turned back to the TV to watch my show. I looked at her again because she’s so cute when she sleeps and the kennel door was shut. She was still in the same position before. The kennel door never shuts and that’s the first time something like that has happened. My show got to a war scene so gunshots and everything and my dog woke up and ran downstairs to get some water. So….as she ran out, she pushed the door open. It stayed open seeing as it was pushed against one of the cabinets. I focused back onto the TV. Belle, my dog, ran upstairs and was trying to get into the kennel. The door was shut. She tried opening it with her nose but she couldn’t so I got up and opened the kennel door for her. She laid down and I sat back in my chair because I wanted to know who won the war. I hear my dog sigh so I look at her. The kennel door is shut and she’s eying the door. Which is shut. Belle looks at me like “Please tell me you’re seeing this too.” And I was. It kept shutting all on its own. So Belle and I dealt with the door closing for the next 30 minutes and then my parents came home. Belle ran out of her kennel and downstairs to greet them and I just stared at the kennel. I joined my dog and walked downstairs. My parents wanted to tell me how dinner went so we went into they’re bedroom where the kennel was (and the huge TV that I was watching) and the kennel door was exactly how I left it. Open. And it never happened again. I even tried barely pushing the door shut and it would push for an inch and then stop. The only way it wouldve shut is if someone was pushing it all the way closed. Belle, to this day, hangs around me a lot. She will literally stand guard by my door and stare down the hallway. Even if I go to the bathroom, she will lay outside the door, but not before coming into the bathroom and smelling everything. If she sees something, she will walk down the hallway towards it. But I never have seen Sean.

Thank you for reading my incredibly long story and I hope it made sense. Sean only makes his presence known and that’s okay with me. But why do some spirits just go to random houses? Do they attach to people? Things have only happened to me. And my dog. Our house is as old as I am (15) and we got it built the year I was born. Why our house? Why me?

Asked by Ashley J.

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  1. Hello Ashley,

    Starting with the last question first .. why you? Before you came into the world you decided to be able to talk to ghosts. It is a gift called ‘mediumship’. Talking to ghosts is no different to talking to living people, hearing them is just harder. Ghosts are drawn to people who can communicate with them, sometimes we communicate through our emotions, or see pictures in our minds, and sometimes we clearly hear them. Many times a person makes a ghost feel welcome, as you did when you were five and Sean was still 15/16 .. he’ll always be 15/16 until he crosses into heaven and gets back on with his real life. Right now he is trapped between heaven and earth, but he can still express his emotions quite clearly and in doing so affect you. Sean might have found you as he passed by your house, or he might have lived in a house on the land your home is built on, if there was a house there before .. or he could have been drawn to your good heart and bright energy .. whichever it was, he’s not the only entity that is drawn to that sort of energy – this I know from experience.

    The main problem with ghosts, apart from their being trapped in the fear, pain and other negative emotions they felt when they died, is that to continue to be what they are, they have to take energy from the living. They feed on it. That is one reason why they are drawn to light, bright souls .. because the energy tastes wonderful, and someone with a kind heart is less likely to send them away. The influence they have over that person can lead down a very dark path, into mental illness and physical illnesses for the living, to affecting how a person reacts to the world and other living people in it, to them drawing away from the living and spending far too much time trying to talk, or feed, the dead. And that’s with a friendly ghost. Get an unfriendly one and the problems intensify, sometimes to terrifying.

    So I have some tough questions ..

    The first has to be are you happy having Sean watching everything you do .. including getting dressed and undressed and other private actions? Would you let a living teenage male you don’t know do this without being your boyfriend?

    Have you tried bringing a living boyfriend home? Does Sean get jealous and start acting badly? He is still a young man, even though he no longer has a body anymore. He still feels the same way he did when he died, if anything he will be feeling more lost, confused and unhappy (if he is a suicide and was not murdered – where he might end up feeling vengeful), and when you decide to get on with your life, away from the house, you’ll either be leaving him behind, or having him follow you to the next house .. and do you want a 15/16 year old interfering in your life forever .. because he can haunt you forever because he can never grow any older, let go of his painful past or memories of his death, as he proved with the noose experience, or find peace and healing in the trap he is in. Is that what you want for him?

    The friend who talks to the ghosts – she too is a medium, only more strongly so than you. You are right, she is perfectly normal. It might be wiser for her to only speak to them in her mind, if she’s going to have them hanging around forever .. but quite truthfully, I have the same suggestion for both of you.

    At the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation. It is a request for help for trapped souls and other entities that might be haunting people and places. It saves the souls/ghosts, returns them to a place of healing .. and then, if they want to .. they can come back to visit you and your friend, without the noose, without the problem of stealing energy, and without the worry of what other sorts of entities might be drawn to their energy that might end up creating a lot more harm for both of you.

    I am a medium who deals with that sort of truly dark entity and have spent my life talking to ghosts (I’m 53), being haunted, and live in a house that sometimes feels like a railway station (far too many ghosts passing through here). They are not allowed to stay. I offer help where I can, or simply a doorway into healing. I know from experience how truly frightening it can be when a positive experience goes negative – so please .. rescue your friend Sean and send him to healing, and give the link to the Invocation to your other friend and get her to send her collection of ghosts there too. And tell her, from me, she can talk to them in her mind, and no one need think she is strange .. she’s not. We are all just mediums .. though my task is called ‘Spirit Rescuer’.

    And you’ll find there will be other ghosts that come along who also need the help …

    Love & Peace

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