Why Would A Demon Or Spirit Feed A Human Being?

“Let me start with – I have always had a spirit, or many spirits with me for most of my life. The past couple of years I have felt like it has been the same spirit, like I know it, she feels very familiar. Maybe like a friend? I honestly believe I’ve learned to manipulate it, or get it to help me. I had never seen her, up until a couple of weeks ago…

I was sleeping when I woke up to her over me trying to kiss me, or take my energy but she couldn’t. I wasn’t scared. I was amazed. Just looking at her every detail. She could be described as the chick off the grudge, but with a blue dress, shorter hair, and rotted flesh. What I was really noticing was HOW MUCH she looked like me. It looked like a rotted me. I tricked her by pulling her close, when I did she got very weak, and I pushed her away.

My husband also witnessed this. I wasn’t aware at the time it was happening he was screaming, I could only see her. He says he watched me trick her and tell her to behave and fall back asleep. My husband said it looked like I was I  a trance and he could see her too. Anyways.

When I woke up the next morning I felt very strange so for some reason, I took a selfie.In the picture, its blurry. But my brown eyes are her demon looking cat eyes. They are slightly blue in the picture with cat like pupils. That day when I told My husband I wasn’t scared, and it was the same girl we joked it off. He had never believed me before. I think he joked to feel better. Anyways. Now I’ve seen her a few times. In public. In daytime. Never giving it away I can see her.

But last night – I woke up because the room was dark, something was in front of the TV. It was her height, but wearing a cloak. First I thought it was male. And not my normal spirit. Still not scared, I was looking around for my familiar spirit and didn’t see her. I decided that it must be her, she just decided to appear in a cloak. Now it gets weird. This hooded figure threw a frozen package of bacon into my bed. I went back to sleep. I remember getting aggravated just before dozing off because my legs were cold because of the bacon. So I got up, and put it in the refrigerator.

The next morning I told my husband my “dream” he said it was probably because we argued that morning about bacon. We did. He bought maple bacon, and I didn’t like it. I was upset we didn’t have just regular bacon. We both got up, went to the freezer, and there it was. Regular bacon. Why would any spirit, demon, or whatever feed me? I’m a Christian.

Why do I care about her even if she could be a demon? I don’t think I’m a regular spirit. I don’t know what I think. She could have been me. I don’t know. I’m just now really confused and concerned not because I fear her, what am I?

Asked by Meg

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  1. Hi Meg,

    Sorry about the delay in answering.

    To begin with, I don’t think the entity is a demon. A demon has no reason to feed the living, although throwing bacon at you can’t be counted as feeding. It was nice of her to give you a gift, particularly if it stopped an argument between you and your husband.

    What she could be is a ghost who was a friend of yours in a past life. We keep our emotional bonds to those we love from lifetime to lifetime, which is why we are born over and over within the same group of beings who all play different roles for us during the lifetimes. Your ghost might be trying to remind you of this connection, or she could have been your twin in a past life, or she could have been an unborn twin in this one. Are there twins in either of your parent’s family’s .. although twins come down the female genetic line.

    Has she been around lately? If she has perhaps it would be good to help her cross into healing, because she doesn’t need to look ‘rotted’, and she can still visit you after she has crossed over.

    As to what you are .. perhaps you are both fallen angels, redeemed, who are living our their karma through human lifetimes. There are plenty about, and that would explain her strength and capacity to throw something at you, and your capacity to take energy from you. Yes, you exchange energy with her .. she takes, and obviously you can ‘take’ in return. That’s better than being a human battery that ghosts feed from.

    At the bottom of this page is the Michael Invocation which is used to clear our energy .. read the instructions and say it, to set your ghost free. It’s the right thing to do.

    Love & Peace

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