Demonic Scratches On My Sister?

Hi there! I’m just wondering if you can help me figure out what exactly happened to my sister last night as she and her three other friends had been checking out the different haunts in our area.

They had stopped at a place called haven Hubbard house in new Carlisle. they entered the shed that leads to a tunnel you can access the home from. And about 30 seconds upon entering the home she felt a sharp pain on her arm. So she lifted up her sleeve of her north face jacket only to realize that she had been scratched.

Haven Hubbard House in New Carlisle

Haven Hubbard House in New Carlisle

They left the house immediately after but after regrouping back in the car she and her friends decided to go back in. And again within thirty seconds upon entering the home she felt more sharp pain and more deep scratches began appearing, drawing blood.

She also said after the second time while feeling the sharp pain she had seen the apparition of a man with no face. Please help if you have any idea what this is caused by because my mom doesn’t know what to do or if there’s any way to keep whatever attacked her away. Thanks for reading

Asked by Matt

  1. Hi Matt,

    If you walk into a haunted house, that you know is haunted, and come out with scratches .. its not logical to go back for more. How long and deep were the scratches, that they actually bled? I hope your sister and her friends left the house immediately after that, and she got her arm cleaned with antiseptic. Was she in the same location when it happened, and did she lean against anything at the time?

    A man without a face is probably a ghost, not a demon. Did anyone else get hurt at the time? There aren’t as many demons around as people think.

    Just to make sure, I suggest you ask your sister to go to the Michael Invocation webpage, listed at the bottom of this one, and use it to clear her energy. And her friends should too. And next time you go to play in haunted houses, use the white light shields (listed there too) to protect themselves from unseen entities.

    Love & Peace

  2. I have pictures but I could not figure out how to post them on here. And yes, she was in the same room each of the times the scratches had occurred. The scratches came in multiple sizes and different directions. If you would like to receive the pictures please give me an email for me to send them to. And the scratches seem as if they’re deep enough to scar.

  3. Has she experienced anything since the scratches? apparitions, reoccurring Nightmares or dreams, whispers, has she lashed out at all since it happened?

  4. That was probably Mr.Hubbard that you saw. I would strongly advise you not to return. I use to work at Hamilton grove and know the stories and some history of the place you speak of. The Hubbard’s hold a special place in our hearts. They were amazing people. They built the nursing home the original one. They lived the mansion on the property. The other home on the property is where the pastor use to live. I once lived on the property as well in Hubbard hall that is no longer there. I seriously doubt however that Mr Hubbard’s spirit would harm you unless maybe he saw you as an intruder. I would take that as a warning to you. I’m sure it was Mr Hubbard protecting their invrstment, their home and property. Many souls have passed through that nursing home. The old abandoned one. I worked there and have find memories of those who have passed on. To us the place is sacred. Here the warning and never return.

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