Does Salt Really Ward Off Evil?

Hello to all, I thought I would post a question of my own. I am interested in seeing the replies because this is something I have always wondered about and had a bit of a problem with believing.

Salt Crystals - Courtesy

Salt Crystals – Courtesy

Does salt actually have some sort of power over ghosts and spirits? If not then how and where did we get the idea?

Spreading or sprinkling salt to ward off ghosts or bad spirits seems to be a common practice around the world. Why is it so widespread a belief?

Oh and one more question – Does the form of the salt make any difference? Is rock salt the same as Morton’s iodized?

Asked by David AKA CareTaker

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  1. That’s such a great question, David.

    My personal opinion is that salt has a limited usefulness. It dissolves in water, ants and other bugs steal it, the wind whips up and blows it away, someone, who doesn’t know better, comes along and wipes it up, or sweeps it away, or we can kick it with our feet unintentionally .. so a solid line of protection doesn’t stay solid very long.

    I did some research on the net about the subject and came up with a variety of comments by people who use it, for and against. To view them you’ll have to put http:// in front of the links. The information on the pages is too long to copy here.

    Summing up .. salt is salt, doesn’t matter whether its from earth or sea. It absorbs and dampens psychic energy, not just negative but positive energy as well. In doing that it can purify energy – a little might clear the energy of a room (by absorbing it) but too much can poison a person. You can also poison water sources, and the land, but covering it in salt. It is said to repel evil because it represents life (in our blood, part of our life force energy). It might or might not work, depending on what entity is bothering you, and what your beliefs about the power of salt are.

    No, I don’t use it as a tool in my work. I remember being taught not to rely on anything that could be taken from my hands.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi CT

    Great question!

    Because salt is pure, it has long been considered that impure spirits, such as ghosts or demons, can not cross it or are repelled by it.

    Salt was also considered to be a valuable commodity (white gold) and has even been used as currency so, that might also add to the myth of its positive or property values.

    Salt also makes a great preserve – both meat and embarming. So maybe it also ‘preserves’ the living form the unclean dead?

    Salt is essential for every living creature and some plants. But the body does not make its own. Without enough salt, muscles won’t contract, blood doesn’t circulate, food goes undigested, and the heart ceases to beat.

    I’ve never used salt myself, but I do know of folk who place a salt circle around themselves before doing certain spiritual work, for protection. Chalk can also be used for the same purpose.


  3. Very interesting y’all! Thanks for the replies.

    The thing that interests me is how the practice/belief got so widespread. Also I have a hard time understanding how a physical ‘thing’ like salt or sage would have any affect upon something in the spirit world. It seems to me that throwing salt or burning sage would be similar to pulling out a gun or a fly swatter.

    • Hey David,

      I can’t really answer the ‘how the belief spread’ although, given its thousands of years old, it had to be ‘word of mouth’, or even 100 monkey phenomena?

      It is not the physicality of the items, but the energy of their essence, their life force, so to speak, that makes the changes on the spiritual planes. It is the belief of the people that use them that also has an effect. Put the two together and you can get quite a potent mix .. toss in a dose of reality, which I have a habit of doing, and you can just as easily undermine the energy, and stop the changes they might make.

      Salt is not really designed to be thrown, but to be placed carefully and with focused intent. A gun? A gun makes a club, I suppose, if someone chooses to use it that way, but without bullets its pretty useless. The bullets are generally created, by hand or machine, to do harm. Lovely intent (sarcasm). There’s no point in pulling a gun on a ghost, or tossing a bullet at one. It won’t do anything in the energy, but if you draw a circle around yourself (salt, or chalk, as AJ said) you empower the substance with your intent to create a safe place, or a trap .. given that you can draw a circle and then call a demon into the circle, knowing that it can’t break out .. but God help you if the circle is damaged, badly drawn or broken, because you have invoked a ton of trouble. As for the fly swatter LOL, hmm.. its only good on very small flies and not a lot of them. Might not work well in an Amityville situation. :-)

      Here’s a thought or three that shows that ‘salt’ has been thought to have mystical properties for more than 2000 years.

      We might never find out the whys and wherefores of the creation of this belief, but .. because millions of people have believed in the power of salt to protect us, we have empowered salt to do just that. In this age of disbelief, it is sad that we have lost the ability to have faith ‘anyway’, or unquestioningly – but its also a good thing. We need to know how ‘magic’ works, how the power of belief works, how we can create our reality through our thoughts, so that we can become the powerful ‘magicians’ that legends tell us existed .. hundreds of years ago, or was it thousands? Some myths have their feet firmly planted in ‘facts’. I think working ‘magic’ (conscious manipulation of energy) is one of those. It is possible, we see it around us all the time, we just don’t recognise it as such anymore.

      Love & Peace

    • “… or a fly swatter”

      I’ve now got a lovely mental image of CT running around his house shouting “I command you to get out!”, whilst hitting his ghosties on their bums with a fly swatter – snigger!

      I need to get out more – lol!


      • :-) Not saying a word. :-)

        • At least I didn’t mention what attire I imagined CT to be wearing, whilst ‘ghost swatting’ … er, meant ‘ghost busting!’ LOL!


          • You read my mind, AJ. I was thinking wooly pyjamas myself .. ok, ok, I’ll behave now.


            Love & Peace

  4. I heard that! ;)

  5. I notice that the man on the SYFY show called Haunted Collector will bring an item back from a haunt site he believes was the cause of the trouble to his museum, and put it under a dome with salt under it.

    • Hi Elaine

      Well, salt drains water (emotion) from things, but it can’t stop things from being haunted. Did the man put a circle of salt around any of the objects? That might work to keep things contained, at least for a while.

      Love & Peace

  6. This is gonna seem very crazy to some I’ve stay at my mom’s and crazy things has been happening the past two days. A small glass was moved to the front door with water in it. Just last night the same glass was moved only this time it has salt in it. And its taking energy from cell phones and other things in the house. It’s scaring people to the point they wanna move. What could this mean and why would a spirit do this?

    • Hi Sunny

      Ghosts, who are people who have died but not crossed into heaven, (not spirits – who have crossed and don’t act badly) like to draw attention to themselves, because they feed on human energy, mostly negative emotions .. so the more frightened the person, the better the ghost feels.

      The easy solution is to clear the house. You can have the minister from your local church come and bless your home, or you can use the Michael Invocation, which is listed at the bottom of this page, and send the ghost into a healing place, so that it stops bothering your family. It’s easy to do, and if you are not a grown up, get your parents to do it instead, although you can.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

      • Thank you! Is it trying to let us know it’s here and is it feeding off the family emotions like were some family member’s have jealously with each other ? Chould that make all this happen?

        • Could angry, or jealous, emotions draw lost and lonely ghosts to a houshold? Yes. The ghost might also be a family member who wants everyone not to be fighting, hoping a good scare might draws you all back together? Either way, clear the house, because a ghost needs to be crossed into healing, and you guys don’t need the sort of energy that it brings to your home, and your lives. Hopefully when its gone, things might quieten down, as the ghost no longer whispers in everyone’s ears, to keep the fighting.

          Love & Peace

        • Spirits are drawn to that which is either familiar or of the same energy frequency that they were before they died. Meaning, if they were abusive then they will be drawn to the same etc. That being said, any place where a violent act or trauma has taken place it creates an energy vortex which can last for literally hundreds of years. This energy vortex is a portal as well as a feeding tube for spirits especially those that enjoyed similar types of activities whether or not they participated. Good spirits will not hurt you and will not try to scare you. They may still startle you as that would be logical but not intentional.

  7. I believe that ghosts are really demons causing strife and fear. They are the negative energy causing people to fight. Command that demon in Jesus’ name to leave and they should if you do so with faith and authority.

    When people die they don’t have the choice to stick around and cause trouble, but they are taken by who owns them. Some folks have said that when they closed their eyes they were opened in heaven. People who were shown heaven and felt God’s unconditional love do not want to return to this world. They feel guilty when they return to their family, because if they were given the choice they’d have stayed and so they feel like they’ve betrayed their loved ones who are so happy they came back. So, it just doesn’t make sense that a so called ghost who is the soul of a person who died would be haunting anywhere. If you look up youtube videos on Near death experiences you will be surprised at how many people have had an afterlife experience either in heaven or hell and were sent back to tell what they can remember.

    God bless you,


    • There’s a Michael Invocation at the bottom of this page that people can also use, Maria, to remove negative entities. Mind you, ghosts are not demons, nor demons ghosts. True demons are fallen angels, and ghosts are basically very sad and frightened human beings. They fear God and judgment, a concept taught to them by people who also fear God and judgement. If every ghost was demon humanity would be in an awful mess .. living or dead.

      When people die they still have the choices they have available when they were alive, except that they have no choice but to seek the living for comfort and food. It’s not a healthy way to live, for anyone, which is why those of us who can cross ghosts into healing, to set everyone free.

      How do you know how a spirit feels when s/he crosses into heaven? Do you remember doing so? Who ‘owns’ them and where are they taken? God doesn’t own us, in the same way your parents don’t own you. They gave you life, but also the freedom to create it the way you want it to be, for good or not. Yes, of course, many people want to stay in a space that is filled with unconditional love, but they have no reason to feel guilty in either deciding to return to their bodies, or being sent back, which often happens. They are not betraying anyone by wanting to stay in our true home, and they have nothing to worry about where God is concerned. Heaven waits with infinite patience for all of us – and sometimes its not the right time to die – it just happened.

      A ghost has not crossed into heaven, so has not had that sense of love and peace that comes from touching God. They are not ‘sent’ anywhere, they literally go nowhere, but remain haunting the living. They live in a sense (a bubble of energy) of pain and fear, sometimes without realising it, and pass this pain and fear on to others, in a desperate attempt to be noticed, to be remembered, and to feel ‘alive’ again. We should have sympathy for them, not see them as demons or evil, because, for the most part, they aren’t. They are simply people without bodies, looking for the same thing you and I are .. Love.

      Love & Peace

  8. Can ghosts travel from home to home with someone?

  9. My granddaughter(5yrs old) has for some time now, been saying that someone is talking to her at night. The tell her she isn’t pretty, her hair is not nice and things of that sort. When her mom asks her she says she’s not supposed to tell. Well the other night her mom woke her up from the couch to go to bed and she said someone was talking to her, when she asked her who and what she said they told her not to tell her because she would cause, or make a circle. Then she wouldn’t say anymore. She absolutely will not sleep alone, she is scared to the point of screaming to sleep with her mother. So with mom is where she has been sleeping for quite a while now. She is a very well adjusted little girl, but this is definitely happening at night. She used to tell her mom very seriously what was being said, but all of a sudden stopped. She stayed at my house one night and cried very scared and begged me to lay with her because she has bad dreams when she sleeps alone. Of course I did. What do you think the meaning of her saying or someone telling her not to tell her mother because she would make a circle means?

    • Hello Mary,

      It sounds to me that your granddaughter is being haunted, because she is so young she is sensitive to energy of ghosts.

      The circle is a ward, a protection, that keeps negative entities away from people.

      Another form of ward is the Michael Invocation at the bottom of this page, that removes negative entities. As her grandmother you can say it for her, because she’s too young to say it for herself, or you can ask your daughter(-in-law?) to do so. Either way, clear her energy with the Invocation, then clear your home and your daughter’s using the same.

      Also at the bottom of the page, are White Light Shields. Ask your daughter (in-law) to learn them and use them, and you use them when your granddaughter is visiting, to keep ghosts out of the house. The little girl will learn to sleep by herself again, no problem.

      Love & Peace
      Ama (who also used to be badly haunted as a little child).

      • Thank you very much Ama. Do you believe in protective crystals in the bedroom? This was also mentioned to me.

        • I don’t believe in relying on anything that can go missing, for whatever reasons. It’s nice to have the crystals .. just remember to put them under the moonlight regularly to cleanse them, and use the shields as well.

          Love & Peace

  10. If anyone is out there to answer please do, my girlfriend and best friend are being attacked by a spirit they can see it I cant but im trying to repel the spirit and or daemon I have gone through lots of things just to warn it off.would a bb gun with bullets covered in salt repel it? I would use iron bullets from a real gun but she lives in city limits and the spirit doesn’t ever leave their houses

    • Hi Jaxson,

      You can’t shoot ghosts with bullets and a salt gun is a waste of time.

      Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a link to the Michael Invocation. Get your girl friend and best friend to say the Invocation for themselves, and you too, and then use it to clear your homes .. say it as though you mean it, regardless of your spiritual beliefs. It will help to remove whatever is haunting you guys. And stay away from things that might help harm you, like ouija boards. (There’s also the white light shields link there .. they help too).

      Write to me again in a week if you are still having problems.

      Love & Peace

  11. Follow up: I have heard that it can cause pain to demons but can’t destroy them, but I couldn’t tell you either way. Anyway, these rock salt shells are very expensive and I wouldn’t want to buy a shotgun and the shells if they aren’t going to work. So, effective defense or waste of money?

    • Hi Ginryu

      Here’s a suggestion. If it doesn’t matter at what rate of speed the bullets are traveling then you might even just buy a dart gun and fill the ends with some salt. Its just an idea and may seem a little childish but if physically shooting a spirit is more satisfying then maybe that would be an inexpensive thing you could try without putting holes in your walls and causing property damages.

    • Hello again,

      It doesn’t hurt them. Ghosts and demons don’t have physical bodies, salt only purifies, or drains moisture (energy) but a bullet of salt passes straight through them, makes a small hole (or even many) that quickly vanish, if they exist at all. Don’t waste your money.

      Love & Peace

  12. It’s advisable to read all the above with a pinch of salt

  13. Pray the Holy Rosary. There will no more be any miseries in your life, that’s guaranteed. Its my testimony and its the words of St. Louis Montford in his most beneficial book titled “The Secrets of Holy Rosary.” Read it and make your life a spring of never-ending success.

  14. I was raised by my grandmother and I was a very busy child…to say the least. Something lived in our home, I don’t know what, but it was never up for discussion. As a child I found small plates (sausers) of mounds of salt ALL over our house, hidden. Under beds and couches..things of that sort and we had a pretty big house. I liked eating salt for some reason as a child and finding one of those mounds of hidden salt was like finding a huge bag of candy, but most times it was hard like a rock mountin of salt. Still scraped what I could, eat and put It back. A few years later I knew why the salt was all over the house. SOMETHING LIVED THERE WITH US. My mama, (grandma) confided in me when I was pregnant for first time to beware of witches cause they rode her for years but that was all she said. Years later, I questioned my dad about what was in that house with us and I immediately knew he was afraid to speak of it as if he would breath life back into it just by speaking of it. Something was there, ALWAYS and I think mama, my grandma kept it under control with salt all over the house. To this day I only have my speculations about the salt cause she dead now and my dad will not speak of it and he has lived there over40 years but whatever was there, evil or not, it was there and more than a few times it made sure I knew. I never go in that house now and it is still in our family.

    • Hello Kiva,

      What culture does your family come from? Salt was/is used to keep evil out of the house, by placing it across doorways and window sills. It does absorb negativity (and moisture, which is why it forms a hard crust), but, as you proved with your story, its very easily removed, even by mistake ..

      You might like to scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear whatever is haunting, either the house or your family.

      Love & Peace

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