Dream Of The Past Or A Premonition?

I had a dream where this person was flying a small air plane with a banner trailing behind it.

In the dream I and a couple of other people were sitting in a small boat watching it. All of a sudden the engines in the plane sputtered and stopped.

In the dream the pilot was struggling to start the engine and all of a sudden I could hear his thoughts. Like everything that was going through his mind.

He was thinking, “I have been trying to stop smoking and I have been really beating myself up for smoking and not stopping and now I’m going to die young anyway.”

The next thing I could hear the plane coming down and we were trying to get the boat out of the way. Then I woke up!

My question is this, Could this dream be of something that has already happened or a premonition of something that is going to happen.

I can’t relate anything in this dream to anything in my life present or past!

Asked by Nancy Abbott

  1. Hi Nancy,

    It could be either, but .. because you heard the man’s thoughts, I am wondering if he was a ghost sharing his memory of his death – though, given you played both characters (the pilot and the lady in the boat) its just as likely to be a dream, rather than a premonition.

    In our dreams, all the figures we see are usually aspects of ourselves. Water means emotion. A boat represents ‘a spiritual path and its quality’ .. so what did the boat look like, apart from small? Airplane represents – ‘highest ideas, attitudes and belief systems’. The pilot is described as ‘one who had the capability to control his or her path/direction. The key, in that case, is to note the pilot’s condition and ability. He was trying to give up smoking .. are you? He was no longer in control of the plane? Do you feel you are no longer in control of your path? Is this affecting your spiritual journey (going to smash it somehow (the airplane landing in the boat))?

    Some of those questions might strike a chord with you, or not .. perhaps then you’ll get a feeling whether this was just a dream, or a message from your subconscious mind?

    Dreams are fascinating,
    Love & Peace

  2. Ama, I have had dreams where things have happened, like the one where my friend’s husband, that has passed on, visited me and told me that his wife would be needing me. In the dream I knew he was dead and he said that he could only be there for a short time. The next day I got a call from his son, that his sister was murdered and his Mother wanted him to call me.

    The dream of the pilot in the small plane, I didn’t know the man.
    In the dream we were in a small wooden fishing boat [skiff] that seats 3 to 4 people. I was sitting in front and we were on a lake.
    The dream was so real, I kept watching the News yesterday, to see if there was any small plane crashes and I didn’t hear of any. I said a prayer for him anyway. I asked Archangel Michael to find him and take him into healing.
    P.S I use to smoke, but I quit five years ago! :)

  3. Hi Nancy,

    If the guy was a ghost he’ll be in healing now. Thank you. If it was a dream, the boat certainly wasn’t sinking .. but it might have been crashed into? My next question would be .. are you learning, or about to learn, some new spiritual Truth that is going to unsettle what you believe in at the moment? Life may turn into a challenge that will seem very dramatic at the time, but soon calm down again .. if you remain calm and use commonsense. You have friends .. hence the people in the boat .. you have support ‘over’ your emotions .. boat is still floating safely on the water .. and the whole thing might be averted .. since you woke up before the plane crashed ..

    Otherwise, keep your eye on the news .. I would do that too. If it was a premonition you will recognise something from the scene when you see it.

    Love & Peace

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