I Smell Cigarette Smoke What Does It Mean?

Hi, I now live in the house where I grew up. My mother an uncle smoked in the house all my childhood life. Now I often smell cigarette smoke early in the morning and at other times at this house.

Cigarette smokeNo one smokes in this house now, and it has been totally remodeled.

What once was the back porch has been torn completely away and a bedroom added there. That is where I smell the smoke most of the time. What does this mean?

Asked by Barbara

  1. Hello Barbara,

    On one memorable visit to Calendar in England I stayed in a b&b that had been remodelled .. only the ghost didn’t realise it. He was still standing in his usual position, on an outside verandah, smoking his pipe .. only the verandah had become a bathroom and he was standing right outside my bedroom door. I walked into the smell, sooo strong! I am not a fan of pipe smoke.

    I went downstairs and had a chat to the owners. It seems he wasn’t the only ghost, there was also a young boy who was still coming through the double doors at the top of the hayloft .. only the hayloft had been converted to the owner’s son’s bedroom. The living young man didn’t mind at all, he played with the ghost boy quite happily. And the owners were quite at peace with the previous owner still watching the view from his ‘verandah’. :-)

    It is possible you have a ghost. It is equally possible that the smell of cigarettes is so deeply embedded in the walls, and the cracks between the floor boards, that when the wind blows a certain way (have you noticed the weather conditions), or the humidity gets to a certain point, that the smell reappears.

    Doesn’t sound troublesome. Some ghosts are simply caught up in their own memories .. and continue to ‘live’ the way they did when they were alive.

    You could have your house blessed, or smudge it with white sage, to move the ghost along …

    Love & Peace

  2. yes I have an answer someone is probably smoking

  3. hahahahahaha nice one there dear Mr. Salazar! i have heard stories where people have actually seen dead ones piping smokes as though they were for real…..anyways, I hope the smell goes away after u clear the energy of ur house, Barbara, good luck :)

  4. If it is my mother or another family member.. I do not want them to go away.. I have noticed I smell the smoke when I’m worried about something like a wayward teenage grandchild for example.

  5. They don’t actually go anywhere, Barbara, they just change energy when we cross them into a healing place. Ghosts have to steal energy from the living to maintain themselves; spirits, on the other hand, don’t take our energy at all, still come to visit and say hi, and are around when we need them, even if we are not aware of their presence.

    It’s better not to have ghosts in the house, for the phyiscal and mental wellbeing of the living.

    Love & Peace

  6. Ama Nazra, I have always been troubled about what happens to ghosts when they are “cleared out”. If they are where they were most comfortable and happy when they were alive does making them go away cause distress? You answer is the first I ever seen that addresses that question Thank you for that.

  7. Thank you Hannah,

    I always remember that ghosts are people too, they just don’t have bodies anymore. What they do have is all the beliefs, fears and attitudes they had when they where alive, they still feel the emotional pain. Crossing them into heaven, whatever they believe in, into a place of healing, allows them to let go of that pain and fear and become their true and loving selves.

    Love & Peace

  8. Hi i dont know what to do ,i have been smelling cigerette smoke for a couple of weeks,i am allergic to smoke ,i am the only one who smells it ,i think it has bad evil towarads me

  9. Before you decide something is evil, what else is happening around you that is odd or unusual? The smell of something hanging around you can be just that, a smell. The nose is a funny thing, it seems to have a memory. A smell can pop into our mind, to remind us about things that have happened in the past, both good and bad. And if you are feeling insecure about something, or wondering about someone, you might catch a wisp of their scent or smell .. or it could be that you are being followed by a ghost that smokes too much, or did when s/he was alive .. so just to make sure, I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage, click on the link to the Michael Invocation, read the page and use the Invocation to clear your energy .. and that should take care of the smell.

    Love & Peace

  10. Since moving to my house five years ago I smell a definite smell of pipe tobacco from time to time. It then just fades away; have to say not noticed it for a while now. Also I wonder if there is something else in the house as my border collie will sometimes look right past me and stare as if he has seen something in the distance. Weird. Apart from that the house itself is warm welcoming and cosy.

  11. Yes, it means you have a ghost. Other smells like fish,purfume,ect. My mom and grandma, also with my aunt, ( who can speak to ghost and see ghost,) she said it was definitely a ghost. I was there too and it was very strong in the family room, it was like a man in a bar smoking a cigar.. But in our living room. We got some sage and cleaned the house with the sage and the smell never came back. If you think it’s a family member or maybe a family member who smoked a cigar that passed away. Maybe don’t use sage…

  12. This could be or could not be a ghost let me explain a bit.
    When a loved one passes and you are in the place where they spent most of their lives and you were with them, there are certain things that you will always remember about them. Now here is where I am saying that it may not be a ghost but just your mind remembering things that you would not have thought would have stuck out so much. being in the location of the places that they smoke or drank or stayed allot with strong perfume you will pick that out of your mind not even noticing it.

  13. Hey I don’t no what to do, I started smelling cigarette smoke a few days after my grandma died and it’s really starting to get on my nerves and I hate the Snell of smoke I smell it everywhere I go rather it’s at a friends or the movies maybe the mall or my boyfriends house I keep asking if they smell anything but they keep saying they don’t what does this mean?! Please help me am I going crazy? Also as soon as I smelled it my dog and cat went CRAZY so now i’m scared what do I do? Is my grandma still with me in someway?

  14. Hi Emma,

    It does sound like you have a spooky visitor. I gather your grandma smoked .. now she might be hanging around, because she is a ghost and you are a familiar person to her.

    What I suggest you do is say this:

    “Archangel Michael, please find the ghost that smells of smoke that is around me and take it into healing. If it is my grandmother (say her full name) please tell her I love her and cross her over”. That will give the angels permission to find the lady, or whomever it is, and take them into heaven.

    It’s very easy to do, and works really well. If the problem persists, there are other ways to clear yourself and your home, one of which is listed below .. the Michael Invocation, but I doubt you’ll need it. Our loved ones stay with us if they think we need their help, and sometimes they do it because they are frightened about what happens after we die. There are many reasons why they choose to stay .. but very good ones for crossing over .. once they do that they can come and go as they want, and they don’t smell like smoke anymore .. grandma might like that. :-)

    Tell me how you go,
    Love & Peace

  15. My hubby died a year ago. I have been smelling cigarette smoke more and more this last month especially. I talked to my pastor and surprisingly said Tim was in another realm where he could see me but I couldn’t see him. This worked for a little while but it is strong enough at times I can get smoke out if my lungs. I just did the Archangel Michael thing. If it doesn’t work Iwill be back and let u know

  16. Hi im experiencing soe unusual smells of cigarette smoke or burning smell. I was a smoker but gave up 3 years ago. Doesnt matter where i go the smell is there.any time. Any ideas please

  17. Hi Carol,

    I can think of a number of reasons, including the ‘memory’ of smells, which can be triggered by seeing familiar things and places. So to eliminate the normal, do you live in a house with someone who is still smoking? Is the smell with you when you are in the bathroom, in your home or other people’s that don’t smoke, at the supermarket, in the park? Have you cleaned the walls, carpet and curtains of where you are living since you stopped smoking?

    It might be that you have the ghost of a smoker hanging around you, so is anything paranormal (unusual) happening around you, or to you if the smell seems to come and go?

    Love & Peace

  18. I have been smelling the smell of cigarette smoke since last Friday when I scattered my late husbands ashes. Prior to this I was not smelling this as I quit smoking cigarettes almost 3 months ago. I don’t miss them, but the smell is really starting to affect me in a negative way. The smell follows me throughout the home, and even in the shops. However, when outside in fresh air, I do not smell it.

    I am looking for answers. I am far away from my family and friends in the US, and so want to go back home. I cannot leave here until this home is sold, and the days are just dragging on. I don’t know if this is me, a health issue, or something else. I have emailed the vicar to see if he or someone he can recommend will do a blessing on the home.
    I have no where to turn and am basically stuck here until I can sell the house and go back home.

  19. Hello.
    Please help. I had two episodes of smelling smoke for approximately a week or two. Thought it was related to some sort of medical issue. Several months after the second episode, my daughter had a severe neurological reaction to Cipro, a fluoroquinalone antibiotic prescribed for a urinary tract infection. Her symptoms were literally torture, after just the first pill. Too devastating to describe here. She ended up walking in front of a semi truck on the interstate on Christmas eve 2015. I am devastated, life has changed radically obviously for my beloved daughter as well as for me. My father who is deceased was a heavy smoker. Could he have been trying to communicate with me? Or was this something more ominous? Please help. I am devastated. Also, A few weeks before my beloved daughter’s passing, I had an ominous dream, something about water, paddling in a boat with another daughter and suddenly someone was missing and we couldn’t find them…had the idea they were gone, but I had no idea who that missing person was, just that we were broken hearted. Please help

  20. Hello Someone,

    I am so very sorry to read about your daughter.

    Yes, your father could be visiting you to give you some sense of comfort as you deal with everything life is challenging you with at the moment. I’ve met a smoking man at the top of the stairs, in a bed & breakfast hotel in Calendar England. He liked to smoke on the balcony outside his study .. only now its closed in and turned into a bathroom, but he’s still there, causing no one any harm.

    Your dream might have been a warning about an impending emotional (water) change (your daughter’s passing), but since you were in a boat, paddling, it was telling you that you can manage to sail across the waters, even though someone you love very much is now far away .. but not really far away .. just through a door to another world, where we can all go when we sleep. And we do visit our loved ones in spirit when we sleep .. and then do the best we can each day while awake. She would want you to go on with your life, to find peace and healing, knowing she is perfectly safe now, and will be waiting for you in the future, when its your time to step through that door. Don’t be in a hurry. You will find, once you are there, that every lifetime is but a moment .. it just seems longer when we have to live it day by day, for a while.

    Love & Peace

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