What Does It Mean To Dream That Someone Is Giving You Money?

What is the meaning of some one given you money in your dream?

Asked by onome

What does mean if you dream when someone is giving you money and shoes?

Asked by Mukwaya

Please I dreamed of picking paper money from my brother’s susu box.

May I know the meaning please?

Asked by Belinda

It was early morning when I dreamed that it was my birthday and I saw someone hugging me (in dreams he happened to be one of my cousins) and giving me a bundle of note.

The very next day I dreamed that a again bundle of note was stolen but then was returned to me with the exact amount.

Madam, I want to know why I am dreaming of money whereas everything in my life is going well.

Asked by Nilanjana

My sister dreamed being given paper money by her step sister which she declined receiving because she felt the step sister did not have enough to spare.

She finally insisted and offered a talk time credit card and left.

Asked by Martin

I saw in my dream my dead boyfriend, we did not talk but he knew that I needed money so he gave me some (not all) of the money he was holding.

What can that mean?

Recently I dreamed being given paper money by my brother, and it was a lot.

And way back I think it was late last year, I dreamed my mother gave me a money paper (money) it was a lot as well and I kneeled down like she was blessing what does it mean?

Asked by BONTLE


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What Does It Mean To Dream That Someone Is Giving You Money?

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  1. Hello Onome ..

    It’s best to analyse the whole dream, not just one bit of it.

    Money .. stands for riches. Gold signifies ‘physical’ wealth. Paper money stands for ‘opportunities’ to share wealth.

    So a bit of a translation would be that someone is going to share wealth with you .. might be literal, might be wisdom. The identity of the person sharing the wealth might give you a better idea of what it would be.

    Love & Peace

  2. Thanks Ama…… :)

  3. You are welcome, Lorie,

    Love & Peace

  4. Thanks ama.. its just that i strongly believed that i had the money when i woke up.. it was hard to tell whether or not it was a dream or real life..

  5. I dreamt it was the father of my son who was giving me a rolled bundle of money

  6. Hi Linah

    Has the man given you something of value, apart from your son .. or is he going to? It might be a prophetic dream, or it could be your subconscious mind asking you to remember the good that was given to you by him, rather than the opposite.

    Love & Peace

  7. What does it mean if dream that my sister who died wants me to plate her hair with a wool?

  8. Hello Linah,

    Either your mind is telling you, or your sister is, to slow down, calm down and feel safe and warm. Focus on the positive. If you are feeling confused or frustrated, stop, step back from your thoughts and just let life flow for a while .. as if you took a rest to spend some quality time doing something relaxing with your sister ..

    Love & Peace

  9. What does it mean to work and be paid money from two jobs in a dream and am counting money in a dream

  10. Hi Louisa

    What else was happening in the dream? Where were you, in time and location? What other images/items were in the dream place? The extra information may help explain what the dream was about .. apart from wishful thinking.

    Love & Peace

  11. I had a dream last night about a wealthy man I met in my neighborhood. He and his wife were talking to me and were very pleasant and positive. At the end of the conversation he said that the Lord wanted him to bless me. He handed me an envelope with so much money in it.

  12. Just heard a dream when one man can and gave me money so It was dollars

  13. Hi Ama

    I had a dream in which I was attending a celebration of some sort with my family present and my Father had he’s arm around my shoulder and kept stashing whole wads of cash wherever he could on me. We were both laughing in the dream, we were happy. I remeber waking up and wondering why was I dreaming of my Father giving me money like that. I woke up with this strange expectation of good things to come like some wealth/opportunity is going to be released to me

  14. i had a dream i had two mango i gave one to my husband and he bite it when he bit the mango it was very ripe inside

  15. Hi Mary,

    A mango, in my dream book, “pertains to a hardened exterior personality covering an inner sensitivity”.

    If the dream is prophetic, seems your husband’s life is going to improve, and yours with it, since you shared your bounty with him.

    Love & Peace

  16. thanks ama

  17. hi ama i had a dream with my husband we wash our hand in the river and i saw little fishes.

  18. Hello again,

    What else was happening in the dream? What were you doing when you were awake .. in the sense of had you been fishing or near a river lately, or watched something on tv about it? Our minds collect images and give them back to us in our sleep .. but not all dreams are prophetic, some are simply our minds sorting out the filing system in our memory. The act of ‘seeing’ is different to the act of doing. What were the fishes doing while you washed your hands? How many were there? How long ago was the dream and did it relate to anything that happened to you afterwards? More information would be helpful.

    Love & Peace

  19. hello ama i remember we was walking it was little dark i think we touch something and i saw the river and i said let wash our hands i remember when i was washing my hand i saw small fishes swiming and one touch my finger then i said to my husband did you see the fishes and we keep walking thats all i remember

  20. Hello again,

    With more information the theme of the dream changes.

    In dream language water symbolises emotion, so perhaps your dream was telling you that it was time to “emotionally cleanse yourselves” (washing your hands) of something that made you uncomfortable (whatever you touched). Fishes symbolise spiritual aspects of a person’s life, so perhaps a belief or attitude? It could have been a sense of insecurity, if you are afraid of the dark. In the dream you ‘washed your hands of it’ (as the saying goes) .. let go and moved on. If you can think of something this might relate to, then that might be the message of the dream.

    Love & Peace

  21. Hi Ama,
    I had a dream that I was paid a large some of money from my employer and former colleagues were not so fortunate that they begrudgef me my earnings. I remember feeling a sense of financial relief and wanting to use the money I received to buy a house. But this all I remember of the the dream. Can you help me understand what it means? Sincere regards, MaryAnn

  22. Hi MaryAnn

    Dreams often express inner desires, things we won’t admit to ourselves, or allow ourselves to daydream about. We all have them, and multitudes of other types of dreams, many that don’t make sense.

    I think that this dream is about wishes and wants. If a person is feeling unhappy about something, or someone, they might dream about getting something that makes others envious, to make themselves feel better.

    Unless a dream has a profound impression, and is completely unforgettable, they can just be our minds sorting through our wishes and wants. We hold onto the bits we hope will happen, or hope will not, and run them over and over in our minds, but that doesn’t make the dream prophetic.

    Love & Peace

  23. Hello Ama.I had a dream I was at work.and I came outside to fined an old friend and he ask me did they close this shop down .and I told him no not that I no of.so 1 of his friends came over and gave him $40.00.and then we walked around the corner. And 1of my clients came outside and just gave me $40.00.and then as we keep walking my brother comes up and gave me $20.00 I said can u give another 20.00. And he walked back to his car and came back with another $20.00 and gave it to me.so I ask him why r u giving me this money.is it because I paid you back.He just laughed at me.so what does that dream means for me

  24. Hello Lashana,

    It probably means you are feeling abundant, at peace and that you are taken care of.

    Love & Peace

  25. I dream about that my co worker who have a crush on me, gave me a 500 pesos money, and then I dream that unknown person treat me a lot of clothes that I can wear to the office after the first dream. What was the meaning of this dream?? Please response. Thanks.

  26. Hi Sharmaine,

    I think you are talking about two different dreams here? Without more information about each, individually, it is not possible to say what the dreams might actually mean. They might be an expression of what you hope for, rather than a glimpse of the future.

    Love & Peace

  27. I had a dream that an older lady came to me and brought me a dime. The dime was really shiny. We were outside maybe In a park or some sort but it was definitely a beautiful day out. But when she gave me the dime the sun got really bright so bright that I woke up.
    What is the meaning of this dream?
    Please help anyone.

  28. bless you

  29. I had a dream sharing money with my friend.

  30. Hi Ama,

    I dreamt that my friends and I were at a table in a restaurant. And then a wealthy man with party girls around him entered the place and sat next to us. He told the girls to distribute money to us.. Large notes, cant remember the value, but felt like its a large amount.

    My friends hesitated at first, i was the first one to accept it as i felt i needed the money. And then my friends accepted it.

    I felt like i really had the money when i woke up.

  31. Hi Deen,

    I was watching this scene on tv the other day, or something very similar. Often the desires of our hearts reflect into our dreams. Sometimes like that would be wonderful, if there were no strings attached, but .. always be careful who you accept money from, and what they want you to do for it ..

    Love & Peace

  32. Thanks Ama,

    So what does reflect in my real life. Will be grateful if you can share more insights..

  33. From that brief glimpse of a dream, there is no more that I can tell you. If you have other dreams, try and write down every detail you can remember ‘before’ it fades away. Small things can be important, such as sights, sounds, smells, colours, repeat actions, attitudes and feelings. The people in our dreams often may not be the actual ‘friend’ but more a part of ourselves that shares the same beliefs as the ‘friend’. It’s complicated. Keep a dream diary beside the bed, with a pen, and write things down ‘before’ you put your feet on the floor when you first wake up. By doing this we train ourselves to more clearly remember what we dream. And dreams with messages in them are often clearer and easier to remember, than the normal muddles our minds work through while we sleep.

    Love & Peace

  34. What that it mean in a dream when someone give you money to hold it for him so he won’t lose it

  35. Hi Dennis,

    Dream analysis needs lots of details, not just one snapshot from a moment in the dream. So what else do you remember happening it is?

    Love & Peace

  36. I had a dream my sister and I were given money by a good friend of mine.my sister was the one holding the money.the money consisted of only ghc50 notes and was a bunch…what does it mean.i really need a reply thanks very much

  37. Hi Ama,
    I had a dream picking snail with my son what does that mean. Thanks

  38. Hello Adah,

    Have you read all the answers I made on this site? The theme is much the same. Someone gives you money. It could mean that someone will give you both money, it could mean that you wish they would and your dreams are playing back that desire to you .. which our minds will do when we are worried about something. There really is not enough information in what you have written in your request to say which it might be.

    A dream is a complicated process of symbolism specific to the person doing the dreaming. Sometimes we can decipher them from small pieces, but mostly we can’t. Without the context .. meaning what else was happening in the dream at the time .. and knowing your life circumstances, anyone analysing dreams can only really speculate at what it might mean.

    For example, getting a large handful of money might be a message to be generous to others. You might be an incredibly abundant person learning lessons about sharing. And your sister might be someone you ‘owe’ a lot to, that has nothing to do with money.

    Love & Peace

  39. Hello Oma,

    The metaphysical meaning of snails is “having a cautious attitude”. You haven’t given me enough of the dream to say why you should be cautious, whether you both should be cautious, or whether you should be cautious either ‘of’ your son, or ‘for’ you son, but perhaps take it as notice to be careful in the next few days. Make decisions slowly, and watch where you walk.

    Love & Peace

  40. Hi Ama,

    A few days ago, in my dreams I was climbing stairs (i think it was a SUBWAY stairs). The stair is narrow that will only fit one person and the area is dark. There’s a metal railing on both sides which is helping me get up the stairs. I suddenly felt coldness on my back, someone was trying to help me reach the top of the stairs. Upon reaching the top (or ground/street level), the man asked me if i have money to buy foods because i looked pale and no-energy. I told him that i am looking for an ATM to get some cash. He suddenly reach for his pocket and handed me everything inside without looking or counting the money. I replied thank you with a gesture of sincere appreciation of help and he suddenly left. There was a paper receipt on some of the money, but i cannot read his name since the letters are Japanese. i received 100 Dollars. – End of dream

  41. Hello Alfred,

    Have you been overdoing it, and not taking care of your health? That dreams sounds like a message from your guides to review your health, because abundance is not always about money, and certainly not when the currency you receive is not bankable in the country you live in. The message is that you are being taken care of, but we also have to take care of ourselves.

    Love & Peace

  42. I dream of my mother she gives me money but she’s is dead long time ago what it does mean tnx.

  43. IT could mean different things one may be that there is hard times coming that is about money for you or some one you know but not to worry about it because you will pull through it. I had a dream for years about cats being in a cage and they were never fed nor givin water but yet they were still healthy and happy. Also had one about horses that was the same way no food nor water and were never let out but yet they were still happy and healthy and fat. We have went through some hardships but made it out just fine and happy as ever and healthy. So it could just be the opposite of being gave money instead there is will be less money but not to worry because it is will pass and things will be fine.

  44. Very Joseph (Bible) of you, Icy. :-)

    Love & Peace