What Does It Mean To Dream That Someone Is Giving You Money?

What is the meaning of some one given you money in your dream?

Asked by onome

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  1. Hello Onome ..

    It’s best to analyse the whole dream, not just one bit of it.

    Money .. stands for riches. Gold signifies ‘physical’ wealth. Paper money stands for ‘opportunities’ to share wealth.

    So a bit of a translation would be that someone is going to share wealth with you .. might be literal, might be wisdom. The identity of the person sharing the wealth might give you a better idea of what it would be.

    Love & Peace

  2. Thanks Ama…… :)

    • You are welcome, Lorie,

      Love & Peace

    • Thanks ama.. its just that i strongly believed that i had the money when i woke up.. it was hard to tell whether or not it was a dream or real life..

  3. I dreamt it was the father of my son who was giving me a rolled bundle of money

    • Hi Linah

      Has the man given you something of value, apart from your son .. or is he going to? It might be a prophetic dream, or it could be your subconscious mind asking you to remember the good that was given to you by him, rather than the opposite.

      Love & Peace

  4. What does it mean if dream that my sister who died wants me to plate her hair with a wool?

    • Hello Linah,

      Either your mind is telling you, or your sister is, to slow down, calm down and feel safe and warm. Focus on the positive. If you are feeling confused or frustrated, stop, step back from your thoughts and just let life flow for a while .. as if you took a rest to spend some quality time doing something relaxing with your sister ..

      Love & Peace

  5. What does it mean to work and be paid money from two jobs in a dream and am counting money in a dream

    • Hi Louisa

      What else was happening in the dream? Where were you, in time and location? What other images/items were in the dream place? The extra information may help explain what the dream was about .. apart from wishful thinking.

      Love & Peace

  6. I had a dream last night about a wealthy man I met in my neighborhood. He and his wife were talking to me and were very pleasant and positive. At the end of the conversation he said that the Lord wanted him to bless me. He handed me an envelope with so much money in it.

  7. Just heard a dream when one man can and gave me money so It was dollars

  8. Hi Ama

    I had a dream in which I was attending a celebration of some sort with my family present and my Father had he’s arm around my shoulder and kept stashing whole wads of cash wherever he could on me. We were both laughing in the dream, we were happy. I remeber waking up and wondering why was I dreaming of my Father giving me money like that. I woke up with this strange expectation of good things to come like some wealth/opportunity is going to be released to me

  9. i had a dream i had two mango i gave one to my husband and he bite it when he bit the mango it was very ripe inside

    • Hi Mary,

      A mango, in my dream book, “pertains to a hardened exterior personality covering an inner sensitivity”.

      If the dream is prophetic, seems your husband’s life is going to improve, and yours with it, since you shared your bounty with him.

      Love & Peace

  10. thanks ama

  11. hi ama i had a dream with my husband we wash our hand in the river and i saw little fishes.

    • Hello again,

      What else was happening in the dream? What were you doing when you were awake .. in the sense of had you been fishing or near a river lately, or watched something on tv about it? Our minds collect images and give them back to us in our sleep .. but not all dreams are prophetic, some are simply our minds sorting out the filing system in our memory. The act of ‘seeing’ is different to the act of doing. What were the fishes doing while you washed your hands? How many were there? How long ago was the dream and did it relate to anything that happened to you afterwards? More information would be helpful.

      Love & Peace

  12. hello ama i remember we was walking it was little dark i think we touch something and i saw the river and i said let wash our hands i remember when i was washing my hand i saw small fishes swiming and one touch my finger then i said to my husband did you see the fishes and we keep walking thats all i remember

    • Hello again,

      With more information the theme of the dream changes.

      In dream language water symbolises emotion, so perhaps your dream was telling you that it was time to “emotionally cleanse yourselves” (washing your hands) of something that made you uncomfortable (whatever you touched). Fishes symbolise spiritual aspects of a person’s life, so perhaps a belief or attitude? It could have been a sense of insecurity, if you are afraid of the dark. In the dream you ‘washed your hands of it’ (as the saying goes) .. let go and moved on. If you can think of something this might relate to, then that might be the message of the dream.

      Love & Peace

  13. Hi Ama,
    I had a dream that I was paid a large some of money from my employer and former colleagues were not so fortunate that they begrudgef me my earnings. I remember feeling a sense of financial relief and wanting to use the money I received to buy a house. But this all I remember of the the dream. Can you help me understand what it means? Sincere regards, MaryAnn

    • Hi MaryAnn

      Dreams often express inner desires, things we won’t admit to ourselves, or allow ourselves to daydream about. We all have them, and multitudes of other types of dreams, many that don’t make sense.

      I think that this dream is about wishes and wants. If a person is feeling unhappy about something, or someone, they might dream about getting something that makes others envious, to make themselves feel better.

      Unless a dream has a profound impression, and is completely unforgettable, they can just be our minds sorting through our wishes and wants. We hold onto the bits we hope will happen, or hope will not, and run them over and over in our minds, but that doesn’t make the dream prophetic.

      Love & Peace

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